Web-tex Hydration Pack - Any good?


Just found a puncture on my water current bladder (it was a cheapy anyway, at least my Mk1 bladder hasn’t burst yet :razz: ) so may as well get a decent proper one. Now I know Web-Tex are renowned for being a bit rubbish these days but I vaguely remember hearing that their bladders use the same bits as camelbak as are just as good. Is there any truth in this statement meaning I shouldn’t fork out an extra tenner for the camelbak logo?

Thanks again guys


Yup thought so MS, was hoping there was some good to the company. Ach well doesn’t matter now as I've found a black camelback for cheaper than the DPM web-tex, not that it matters since its in a day sack but annoying that DPM cloth equals an instant +£15 to the price.


TBH it's probably ok as it's not too load bearing. If you have the bladder in a daysack, why do you need a cover at all?
buy web-tex, buy twice!


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the filler cap on the web-tex water bladders dont seal properly and the mouth pieces leak and the clips to attach them to vests or osprey are to weak all this i observed in a couple of days in baghdad as the one i saw fell apart much to the disgust of its owner basically they are a piece of sh!te

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