Web-Tex Classic Assault Vest

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Rfn_Warrior, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. What would you reccomend for a 3* LCpl to put in this? At this moment in time, in it i have:
    Top Left Pouch: Insulated flask with brew kit inside
    Top Right Pouch: Spair socks, Compo meal, Warburtons bug wrapper to go over my mess tin when i get scoff
    Back Left Pouch: Water Bottle, note pad
    Back Right Pouch: Mess tin, Gas Cooker, Gas cartridge, camo net to pack it tight
    Front Left Pouch: Bungees, Shemagh, First Aid Pouch, Lighter, 2x Cam cream, Pen Knife, Black PVC Tape
    Front Right Pouch: Baliclaver(Worn as warm hat), Head over, Scrim net, Tw*t hat, Fruit sweets, more bungees, Black PVC tape, Muzzle cover with Cats Eyes inside.

    Also is there any way of adding another pouch to the system or can anyone give any tips and tricks to put it to better use?

  2. Have a look at the numerous other threads about the contents of webbing. Obviously being a Cadet you aint going to need much of the kit that a reg will carry. Keep the kit in your webbing minimal and use a daysack to carry the majority of you items if you can. Things like gas cartridges you really dont want to me doing section attacks etc with these inside an ops vest.
  3. Any suggestions in what i could replace them with?
  4. I'll get the shotgun.
  5. In my webbing used to have:

    Left ammo pouches: Mags
    First utility pouch: Water bottle, Metal Mug.
    Second utility pouch: Cam cream, string, wooly hat/bush hat, small torch with red filter, small survival tin (was sop's for some reason in my last unit)
    , mine prodding kit (Again SOP's in my last unit)
    Third utility pouch:Days rations broken down, hexy cooker and blocks, sometimes substituted for just blocks with a few nails
    Fourth pouch: Second water bottle, small first aid kit with FFD.
    Right ammo pouches: Cleaning kit with speed loader in between the pouches, ammo.
    Leatherman/gerber in its own pouch in front of the right ammo pouch.

    Personally wouldnt use a COP vest in the field, would stick to normal webbing, in my cop vest in iraq/afghanistan all i had was ammo and water, pistol, FFDs, the rest in my pockets/daysack etc.

    Hope this helps, I know your a cadet but just a few tips.
  6. Yeah, i'll bare that in mind. Were could i get a speed loader if they're available on the market? Or wouldn't you reccomend one to cadets?
  7. Handy to have, couple of quid on Ebay, or try Callan's.
  8. Not fond of using eBay but i'll take a look. And maybe a trip to Callans tomorrow.
  9. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Do you ever get issued ammunition on clips? If not, it'll be just another useless bit of plastic. (They don't work with boxed ammo, only stuff on brass clips).
  10. Do DP rounds count? Haha, glad you pointed that out.
  11. Here's an idea, why not save your cash, buy a book, educate yourself a bit, and just wear what you're issued! It's not a bloody fashion parade you know!
  12. Who said anything about a fashion parade? All the kit that is in the assault vest was in my webbing, and got used to its fullest. Not once bit of kit inside it hasn't been used.
  13. Well as it was all in your webbing, why do you need a gucci fashion jacket to carry it in?

    Children today get far too much pocket money me thinks...
  14. To test out which is better to use. Plus my brother is starting as well so i may give one of them to him, not that he'll need it just yet. Plus, i didn't pay for it out of pocket money, i don't get any. I payed it out of work money.