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Discussion in 'ACF' started by oldist-recruit, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Just starting this post wanting hopefully the official ACF stance. I am in the process of writing a web page for my Cadet Detachment where I am an adult Instructor. I have had to stop mid flow after being told by the Coy commander that we are not allowed to put pictures of Cadets on a web site, and that the consent given on the Cadet enrolment forms doesn’t cover web sites.

    Can anybody give me the official line on this, as there is a lot of Detachment web sites around, and also the main ACF web site has pictures of Cadets displayed. If it makes any difference I am based in Scotland
  2. The disclaimer for photos is for the purpose of getting the parents consent for the cadets to have their photos taken for publicity etc.
    I think the OC is being an old fossil :D
    Why else would cadets have their photos taken? (Lets not go there chaps :D )
    As long as you have the parents consent in putting their little darlings on the weeb it should not officially be a problem.
    Sorry I do not have the official line on this.
  3. Just wandered past and noticed this topic.


    This lot don't seem to be bothered, and I'm sure there's plenty of other one's out there.

    Edited to say: oh and it's quite a pants website!
  4. That was my thinking to, as it says for publicity purpose. Our HQ web site has also halted because of this reason and most of the photos have been removed from it.
  5. Paranoid the lot of em :D
    If the official ACF site can do it, then why not others
    You will probably find that some parent has seen their lad/girl on the website and 'forgot'/ did not read the bit she was signing and kicked up a fuss in your area.
    So to save face and prevent anything going further, they do what the ACF does best and retires to the shadowy underworld to avoid anything remotely considered negative.
  6. Suffolk ACF's website doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Although on every photo page there is an major oxymoron, a box states that the ACF guidelines do not permit naming of cadets in photos. Which he then promptly goes and does... don't know why but it doesn't seem to have caused any problems yet. (Further on in the set, because doubtless someone will click on, cadets are in deserts as they were playing enemy at the time.)

  7. To be honest I see no problem with a cadet in desert kit on excersise.
    It breaks up the routine for them and in a strange way makes them feel good about themselves because and I quote 'This is what the regs wear'.
    It is British military issue kit, yes it is not correct camouflage for where they go on camp but who cares?? If it was spam kit then yes :D

    Anyway back to the topic at hand :D
  8. There are many ACF web sites up and running and all with pictures on them. I thought I'd ask on here to see if anybody knew if there was an issues with photos been used on web sites, or if indeed it was just a case of normal ACF attitude "Don't know, Can't be bothered to find so NO you Can't"
  9. Probably best person to ask would be Harry Flashman, he runs a unofficial ACF website I believe and is knowledgeable in these matters. Try sending him a PM. Here is his profile
  10. oldist-recruit did PM me about this.

    This is the text of my reply in case others are having the same problems.

    "I'm afraid your Company Commander doesn't quite have it right, In fairness to him, there is a lot of confusion about this and it does need clarifying from on high.

    However, a parent gives permission for images of the cadet to be used in local and national media. That includes the internet (or that is the way it is interpreted here).

    To make yourself bomb proof, my advice would be to hold copies of the consent yourself. That way, should anyone object, you have a hard copy to brandish under their nose."
  11. so basically Its similar to a "Model release form" there is an effectively an open permission to take images for publicity of your own Detachment and County's own website.

    Obviously common sense should prevail in that these images must be done for the right reasons and the Cadet themselves are quite happy about it.
  12. Many thanks for the vote of confidence slick, but I don't actually run the site. It's owned by another ACF Officer and I'm merely one of the team of moderators.
  13. To cover your arrse, why not ask the question of your SO3 cadets in your regional bde?
  14. I have set up a detachment web site for my detachment, and any pictures of my cadets do not have their names on display.

    I use the generic description of " a #### cadet rock climbing at annual camp" etc, it saves any potential trouble, just ensure you have the parents, guardian or wards permission to display there little darlings picture before you do so!

    The problems arise with myspace and bebo, when the cadets make there own pages and put Officers and Instructors pictures on there with derogatory comments as some in my county have discovered has happened to them,and were not to happy about it.

    We have to get parental permission to take photographs of cadets, but adults can be photographed and there is nothing you can do about where it appears!

    The answer ban camera phones and digital cameras on weekends and camps ?

    Your opinions guys!
  15. I do find it a bit intimidating when you are busy dealing with something and a Cadet decides to get an action shot of you. As I am not the most photogenic person in the world I tend to stay away from cameras. But I agree should Cadets be allowed to take pictures of adults, whenever they want to without first obtaining the permission of the adult in question. Maybe the whole issues around pictures should be looked into; it could be that a publicity officer should be appointed for each battalion, and it is only them who are allowed to take pictures of Cadets for publicity. At least that way they are official photos and the Cadets know what they are for.