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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Hairy_Fairy, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Hello Chaps/Chapesses,

    Looking for some advice on which on the myriad of web hosting companies out there are any good.

    I currently use 123 reg and have been less than impressed with uptime. Also lack of PHP support is another factor.

    Am looking for the following:-
    "Small business package" 4GB space/40GB bandwidth) as a minimum.
    Must support multiple domains
    Potential to support shopping cart
    Supported forums & blogs a bonus

    I've had 1 and 1 & Zen recommended and slated (different people, obviously). Was considering justhost.com.

    Anyone have any experiences good ro bad?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  2. I've used a 1&1 business package for the last six years (4GB space/40GB bandwidth) with at least 15 active domains and the technical side has been flawless, uptime has been perfect, great control panel and good email control for all domains with excellent spam filters.

    The billing department are a bunch of cnuts though, they will suspend your account at the drop of a hat, registered credit card runs out? don't worry they will stop access on a Friday and you might be able to get the sites available again by the following Tuesday, so bang goes the search engine rankings, don't expect much from the support team via email either, but they will ask you to rate their service at every opportunity which gives the chance to vent some anger.

    And they are German.....
  3. Thanks snlr, I guess it's a case of individual impressions - but one constant point on 1and1 is that you're calling a call centre in SA/Germany/Somewhere else and that they're not very responsive.

    Would appreciate experiences from anyone else?
  4. I've been using Hostmonster for the last few years with no complaints. PHP 4 or 5, MySQL (upto 100 databases allowed with remote access allowed from a whitelisted IP), unlimited domains.

    Needed only once to contact them with a problem and the telephone support was good.

    Just avoid Globat like the plague!
  5. Thanks, do they only have a US presence?
  6. I use heart internet but not PHP, heart are very good.
    for my php/sql site i use ukwebsolutionsdirect.

    No problems with either
  7. PM sent. I have my own dedicated server I use for the business, it's pretty empty and could do with some work to do. Also there's nothing like the personal touch of sending a support ticket by email direct to the (my) phone!

    Can do other stuff like Ventrillo or all sorts if anyone else was interested, first come first serve sort of thing so as not to clog the thing up.