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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by flamingo, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. If all links to interesting historical archives, articles, etc. could be placed in one thread, with a short description, it might form a useful resource for site members. If enough people can add to it, it might become a sticky on this forum.

    To start it off:

    Archive of WW2 aerial photographs, linked in to Google Maps, showing locations.

    An Cosantóir Back Issues ( 1941 to 2009).
    Articles contain reprints of articles from other military journals


    History Net

    Reprints of articles from an American based (but not just American history) magazine publisher. Huge archive of articles


    Discussion forum for Military History from the above site

  2. The National Archives
    National Archives

    A huge database of just about any record you care to think of. Complete archives on courts martial, government papers, correspondence, military records etc. etc.

    A fantastic starting place for any kind of research, with excellent research assistants available to help.
    The online search function is fairly effective, though if you've an inkling they may have something of interest then a trip to Kew will be well worth it. The comprehensive filing system tends to lead to a 'snowballing' of material being uncovered once the first document is found.
    I should stress that you are actually allowed to sit a read these, sometimes ancient, documents - a huge advantage over web browsing.

    As an aside, for those with a penchant for investigation new material is periodically becoming unclassified and there are often many queuing up hoping for a scoop. I can imagine this could be interesting in 50 odd years when the Iraq documents become unclassified.
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  4. Hadn't seen that one, which adds to the argument about making a sticky in this forum. Maybe PTP could merge the threads?
  5. Searchable Databases

    London Gazette

    Time magazine Archives

    Foreign Relations of the United States

    The Foreign Relations of the United States series is the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions that have been declassified and edited for publication

    Peter Dunn’s
    Australia @ War

    CAIN Web Service (Conflict Archive on the INternet)
    Conflict and Politics in Northern Ireland (1968 to the Present) This site contains information and source material on 'the Troubles' and politics in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present. There is also information on Northern Ireland society

    Small Wars Journal

    National Archives of Australia Search

    AWM South East Asian Conflicts War Diaries

    AWM Collections search
    Including Art Photographs Film Sound recordings Private Records Military Heraldry and Technology

    The Australians at War Film Archive.
    The Archive is designed to film and record the stories of over two thousand war veterans as a permanent asset for posterity. It is an unmatched historical collection, a resource for all Australians interested in our wartime heritage.

    Ray's Map Room
    Vietnam Areas of Operation Topographic Digital Map Images

    Australian Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft History

    It’s an Honour

    The Casualty List
    Bob Croker’s excellent database of all Australian Vietnam casualties

    The Texas Tech Vietnam Archives


    Australian World War Two Nominal Roll
    Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War

    Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Vietnam War

    SEA Conflicts Commonwealth Memoirs

    Out in the Cold, Australians at war in Korea

    Roy “Doc” Savages’ Diaries

    Tony Blake
    ‘A grunts View’

    Peter Hall‘Jungle Jim’ Commandant Kota Tinggi

    CRE Operation Crown


    Nigel Evans WW2 British Artillery

    Tony WilliamsCannon, Machine Guns and Ammunition

    E Books
  6. Good links, thanks guys!
  7. A few more for memorials

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Mine of information, and searchable on-line archive of military dead



    Irish War Memorials

    All wars, all memorials,


  8. Here's one about the Vietnam War that Jumpinjarhead posted quite a while ago. There's absolutely shiteloads of interesting info on it:


    And here's another interesting one. It's contains all you've ever wanted to know about the former "ennimmee", namely the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA - National People's Army) of the former GDR. It's all in German, but as most ARRSErs have a smattering of the language anyway, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. It's a fascinating site: