Web Developer / Designer job for ARRSE in Plymouth

This would suit a recent IT graduate, particularly OTC. Please pass this on if you know anyone from the Plymouth area who may be interested:

The Army Rumour Service website chain is looking for a full-time designed / developer to help maintain the current sites as well as move the business forward. This is a chance to join a small business with great prospects at an early stage and play an major key part in its growth.

The job will involve:

* The development and maintenance of the current sites (mostly PHP open source, also Java (JEE))
* Linux server maintenance - mainly upgrading and security.
* Development of new sites and software. Particularly important here is a knowledge of new internet trends and technologies, and this will be a great opportunity to contribute and try out new and innovative ideas.

The job is in Plymouth and will initially be a 6 month contract.

Salary will be £20-24k per year based on experience.

The position starts on 15th April

Candidates must meet all of the following requirements:

* Sufficient knowledge of web application programming (ideally PHP) to be able to understand and extend existing PHP software (eg. HTML form submission and processing, template systems, basic (non OO) programming)).
* Show enthusiasm, initiative and self-motivation.
* Sound practical knowledge of HTML and CSS.
* Good working knowledge of linux.
* Knowldge and enthusiasm for internet trends and technologies.

Beyond this base level the following are highly desirable:

* Some form of military experience; regular, TA or OTC.
* Web design talent and experience.
* Good PHP OO programming skills; ie. able to develop simple (or more) applications, rather than just modify existing ones.
* SQL (ideally MySQL) experience; SQL, DB administration, and ideally design.
* Apache HTTP server / PHP admin experience.

Finally the icing on the cake would be:

* AJAX knowledge
* Java knowledge. (We run two pieces of JEE5 software).


Email CV and covering letter to admin@troopstotask.co.uk to apply.
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