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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Yeah, ask him about Op. Granby. He didn't have a clue what it was when an NCO asked him on a visit to BAS.
  2. Quote from the webpage -

    "You now have the chance to question Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, about the PM's speech or the UK's defence policy in the latest of our popular webchats.

    Pose your question now and log-on at 1600 GMT next Wednesday to watch or join the chat live."

    My bold - fails to explain in full: Pose your question now, so that we can subjectively filter any really embarrassing questions out, whilst identifying those that our teams of PR people can construct an answer for, before Wednesday. We'll then have all of this ready for Swiss Tony to cut and paste into his discussion as responses. Please do not ask any question that could be construed as damaging or critical of HMG, The Labour Party or Swiss Tony.

    Given that ARRSE seems to be more able to get a hearing than emailing Blair and co, could we not just list our questions on this thread, and send Swiss Tony a logon and password?

    What question would you pose to Swiss Tony?
  3. Cynics might suggest the sole reason for this little stunt is mainly so he can spin and generally crap on about the wonders of what seems like St Athan being chosen as the site for the Defence Training Academy : £14bn investment, 5,500 jobs plus 1,000 working in the build period etec etc etc. Who can say this Government does not care??

    Oh yes it is in Wales of course and there has been huge and shameful lobbying son political grounds to add to brawls within the MoD. Nothing to do with the fact that there are Welsh elections in a few months time.

    Dear me no.

    "As Wales prepares to welcome its greatest ever single piece of investment, Political Editor Tomos Livingstone traces how St Athan and its backers side-stepped all the obstacles in its path"

  4. 1. Why are you such a cnut? I mean, really Tone, why?

    2. Why don't you fcuk off and leave bitch?

    3. Why don't you resign the whole fcuking gummint now and call an election sh1thead?
  5. Having a bad day are we, Giblets? Welll off you go:


    Well, well, what a surprise. All those forces and civil service posts uprooted and dragged to Wales. And just in time to shout about for the Welsh elections.

    All those properties and tracts of land now available for sale to boost the coffers. And all via yet another mega PFI so the cost sdo not show up at once.

    Everybody wins! Apart from those condemned to occupy this tri-services dreamland handily located in, er, South Wales.

    "Like any other attempts at reform in the military, attempts to save money are at the bottom of it.

    "I'm still a bit doubtful as to what it will achieve. If they put it all together you're going to lose identity in terms of the three services,"

    "What worries me about it is it's just going to be a desire to save money and the benefits are not going to be realised - but I would hope they are."

    John Chisholm
    Editor, Naval Power International

  6. You jest?
  7. If only. He also asked us if the mortar attack earlier in the day had been directed at him. Not surprisingly, he was soon carted away by his minders.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    He really is just an ignorant tw@t. Nothing more than I'd expect
  9. Seemed like a nice enough bloke, but then so does Blair.
  10. Probably same said trip by Des Browne to Telic last year. On a visit to the SAAH, after all the lads had had their air con (those that worked) removed from their [tented] accomodation to be put in every room that the Def Sec was to enter (!), a young lad asks him how he can be the Def Sec when he's had no military experience. Due to lack of speech writer's; aides; spin doctors etc, Browne's prompt reply was "well you couldn't be a politician son", to which said sprog muttered loud enough for the whole of Northern Basrah to hear "that's cos i'm not a cnut!"

  11. I suspect that Des is already a bit like Her Majesty: thinks the world smells of fresh paint.
  12. Did any of it work? At the SAAH, ours lowered the temperature by about a degree. Then it was hit by a mortar :thumbdown:
  13. Funnily enough all the A/C units that up until then had been shit were cleaned out of all the sand and sh*t and fixed! RMP's always seemed to have working A/C wherever you went!

    Seem to remember a lot of the A/C units and tentage being removed from CAN and being sent to Afghan. Where the temp is roughly 10 degrees!
  14. That is fucking awful!!! Everyone, EVERYONE has the right to vote AND the right to stand for Parliament! What a fucking CUUUNNNNTTTT!!!!