Web advertisement rip-offs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cheesypoptart, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Just now I visit ARRSE, and the ad at the top of the page catches my eye because it reads "WATERSPORTS". So of course I get all excited and click on the bloody link and...it's just some bloody outdoor holiday tour operator :x . From zero to aroused to zero in two seconds.

    Anyone have similar stories of either misleading web ads, or Freudian misinterpretations?
  2. For some reason the Gay Military Dating ad is always shown in pretty much every topic. Does ARRSE know something about me I don't :?
  3. I have the 'Lose weight without dieting' thing. Is it calling me fat? Cahnt :lol:
  4. It must think i'm a single muslim
  5. It keeps trying to get me to buy vintage british victorian army navy postcards from ebay
  6. That's nothing to be ashamed of... erm, so my friend says... :oops:
  7. thats cos your a Guardsman crow and still live in the 1800s :D
  8. Not all of them - it had "Korean Dating" at the bottom of the thread about N Korea potentially kicking off and nuking everyone. Make love not war, I guess, but I still want my all expenses paid adventure holiday to Pyongyang.
  9. Surely, Pyongwang?