Weaver Dunn procedure on shoulder


I am about to go into hospital and have the Weaver Dunn procedure on a separated shoulder.
(This is following a skiing accident when I had a f*ck off crash on ice).

Anyone had this done and can give me a clue about recovery time ?

Google seems to suggest anything from 2 weeks to 2 months before you are even out of a sling
Recovery times would be dependant on the severity of the injury and the individual. The best person to speak to would be the Consultant who shbounld have discussed this with you already.



google wasn't my friend.
op yesterday, 2 weeks in a sling and mobility exercises beginning after that. Apparently mine is a bit quicker than normal as I have had an artificial ligament fitted?
i had this done about a year ago.
One week in a sling then about a month where i could get away without a sling for about half an hour, any longer it would start to ache. overtime the amount i need the sling.
Full strength was about 6 months after surgery, except for press up which took about a year until my shoulder wasnt the reason i had to stop.


I have a grade 2 AC separation luckily I don't need surgery just Physio. I wanted to know is this injury a medical bar to entry?

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