After looking at the weather forecast for this weekend on the training area…… my thoughts wandered off into a reverie….

Under what circumstances might the DS say “It’s horrid out here, let’s call it a day and return to the warmth of the TAC.”

Were there people on exercise when the 1987 hurricane hit? Where people learning section battle drills in Gloucestershire fields as the floods rose?

I imagine there are a fair few stories of training in worsening weather…..
I was BAOR when the "hurricane " struck and it was pretty breezy out there too . In theory my fox crew were on an OP overlooking a potential DZ . As the wind was gusting at 100 MPH we reasoned anything landing there would be dragged at 100MPH . Battened down the lids and got the appfelcorn out ! Unforgettable night .
I was on exercise when the 1987 hurricane hit most of Britain. I tell you, it's no joke being in the middle of a wood with 60mph winds ripping branches off and uprooting whole trees.

Fortunately, although I was indeed in the middle of a wood at the time of the hurricane, the wood was in Germany and the wind was little more than a gentle breeze. :)


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I was on the USNG exchange last year when the entire guard from one state was called in from the field - twice - due to tornado warnings in the vicinity of the training area.
"No such thing as bad weather, just poor waterproof clothing" my troop sgt Dartmoor 1966
Got a bit cold out in the trg area the other month about -8 on the Sat night we sacked it ASAP on the Sunday morning off the area due to us all being totally frozen


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i was on a guns course at Brecon in january 2007.

during the excercise phase one night i saw a portaloo flying through the air about 20feet off the ground and rising (due to gale force winds before anyone gets one in :p ).

i turned to my mate saying "thats something you dont see every day" as i turned back 2 more were following it 8O

weather was the worst i'd experienced but although an officer demanded the course be halted it went ahead.

mind you that was Brecon. they dont do weather there :lol:
It rained once whilst I was on stag.


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I have always wonderd this to ,but i think the answer is no,even if somebody dies I reckon they would still keep you out in the field.


I remember having a spot of wind in Catterick on my NCO's cadre. We were harboured in some nameless plantation, and the earth was literally moving as the trees were being blown about by the wind to the extent that the roots were lifting up out of the ground, very disconcerting to start with, but it was almost like being rocked to sleep once you closed your eyes for that half hour of kip before being stood to - quite relaxing in the end!!


I remember a friend telling me that when he was in training they went to Gaerlochead (sp?) and it was so cold that they weren't allowed to stag on at night, they just got in their doss bags in their trenches and got their heads down.
We were due to go on Marble Tor in Gib in August a few years ago and one of the training weekends was at Swynnerton late Feb early March. We were bivvying in -6 and about 9 inches of snow! Good preparation for the Med in August!

Apparently we were the only unit out, everyone else binned it.
I've heard a rumour that 4Div have sacked the field training for this weekend. If that is so then they will have two cadres worth of troops (at least) not out on the ground....



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I wonder if anyone's going to make it to Longmoor this weekend, more to the point, I wonder if we'll be able to make it home?

We could always cut the roof off of a car to use as a sledge and hitch a ride on the back of a lanny....watching out for any barbed-wire along the way!


Did a Bn Mil skills competition around Sennybridge many years ago. The area was getting so snowed in, that we had to withdraw to Sennybridge camp for the night because they were worried that the transport would not be able to get us off the area on Sunday.

We still went back up Pen Y Fan on the Sunday for the team race over the Fan. There was a slight delay while the Bn staff put seach teams out followed by the Mountain rescue dragging the dead body of one of the Coy 2ICs down off the hills.

We did the same exercise the following year but with compulsory breakfast eating before setting off up the Fan, as one of the contributing factors to his death was his not having eaten during the exercise as part of his weight loss programme. I also tabbed up the Fan with a Spyglass to help the DS locate warm (ish) bodies in the equally foul weather that year!

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Doing dems down at Sennybridge in freezing horizontal snow and hail. The blokes' hands were shaking so much that they could not place charges correctly or crimp the dets. I looked like Kenny out of South Park as my wired hood on my goretex was closed down to a few mm wide. That said training was curtailed after about 5 hrs in atrocious conditions as the blokes would not gain any further training value so we binned the Batsims phase.
Bron1 said:
After looking at the weather forecast for this weekend on the training area…… my thoughts wandered off into a reverie….

Under what circumstances might the DS say “It’s horrid out here, let’s call it a day and return to the warmth of the TAC"
Under these conditions mate. My weekend has just been binned
It's only a bit of snow you Southern softies! :D
WE got dropped by Chinook on Senta and they said it would come back , but the weather changed and we had to walk off in a blizzard, it was rough

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