Weather predictions 2009

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Hot & dry summer

    from the same people who brought you:

    Mild and Dry Winter?????

    well, I blame global warming obviously

    all that technology! if they can't f*king predict what will happen in a few months, why do they think we should believe them about what will happen in 2020 8O
  2. Probably be a hurricane or something, after all we already have plague, war & economic disaster!

    God I'm optimistic today!
  3. I prefer my weather rock ( ).

    The good thing with global warming is that it's to blame for hot or cold weather.

    The good thing about the Met office is that they try hard.
  4. Saw these for the first time last year out side a pub up north somewhere, made me laugh at the time
  5. War, Famine, Death and... buggerit, what's the name of the other one?

    Oh yes, that's it - Gordon Broon!

  6. The North Atlantic Oscillation is often used as a medium term predictor for which way a British summer's going to go:wiki linky, yank linky
    Although I'm not sure if it's more an art than a science sometimes... latest graph and prediction for May

    I'd still pack my brolly.
  7. I bet it will be sunny this summer, wet in the autumn and cold next winter. I might even bet that some snow will fall in northern areas of Britain at some time during next winter.

    Remember, you read it here first. :D

  8. If the prediction is for a hot and dry summer, I'm iinvesting in GoreTex! :D
  9. Pure Propaganda brought to you from the State Sponsored TV and News channel. More bulllshit to convince people to stay in the UK for their summer holidays.

    Their was a program on telly last night about the 'Rain' and how the British way of life has evolved around it. One interesting point that should have raised an eyebrow with all the 'Global Warming isn't all man's fault' believers, was that although most people over the age of 40 can remember the 'Great Drought' of 1976, but that their was actually a much hotter, dryer and longer drought some 200 years previously.

    So to all the Dave Angel's out their that believe that man should be persecuted for destroying the planet, 'Put that in your pipe and smoke it' as we have historically been having one-off heat waves for many centuries and it's not all the fault of the fecking combustion engine.
  10. You are Jeremy Clarkson and I claim my £10. :D
  11. Al Gore-tex I presume ;)

    I predict that the weather will be sunny, rainy, windy with possible snow, ice, hail and/or sleet - but not necessarily in that order. :)