Weather forecasting in the Australian Bush.

In Central Australia near Tennant Creek, Jonny Jimba Jamba asked his dad, "Hey, Dad, is it going to be a cold winter?" Well, he had inherited the job as tribal weather forecaster when his dad died, and this was his first request! "Err, it could be a cold one, get some firewood" he replied.

Two days later, Cathy Jabanara asked him, "Is is going to be a cold winter?" He thought about this and felt pressure because he really had no idea. He learned nothing from his father. He had a bob each way, "Yes, it will be cold, get firewood"

And in the next weeks he was asked this very question many times, and decided to see how the white fellas forecasted, he called the Bureau of Meteorology.

"Good morning, Bureau of Meteorology here, what can I do for you?"

Well, I'll talk like a white fella... "I say old chap, can you advise me if it will be a cold winter?"

"Yes, for sure" replied the BOM man.

"How do you know?"

"Well", the BOM man replied, "All of our satellites are looking down, and all they see is aboriginals collecting firewood"

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