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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. I've just finished a pre training course with PWRR because I'm leaving this sunday for phase 1. Anyway.. one thing I realised was, that the entire time I was outdoors I was absolutely freezing..I know this is to be expected but the sergeant said for phase 1 buy longjohns and a thermal vest, are these worth buying in your opinions? Or should I accept I'm going to get freezing cold and not try to stop it?

  2. Any fool can be cold.
  3. erm...hypothermea.....Bad

    Long johns/thermals....Good
  4. Don't get cold - it's too hard to get warm again. The downside to these is the weight if they get wet - don't just think rain, also think sweat.

    There's an old bricklayer's trick - wear women's tights rather than long johns. They are warm and don't absorb water. You may need to shave your legs though.
  5. Alright, but do they make a lot of difference?
  6. Don't they issue long johns anymore?
  7. Take them with you. Don't wear them day 1 but wear them on day 2.

    Then come back and tell us.
  8. you will find a cocky little cnut that will take the p1ss every time he sees somebody puting on thurmals / waterproofs calling you a poof but at endex youll be laughing at the lovley shade of blue he has gone and all his kit is soaked.
    Trust me take as much warm kit you can carry and waterproof everything in your kit.
  9. Thanks a lot for the advice everyone, there was a cocky ****** there with a pubic tash who thought he was hard as ****, and better than everyone else, I thought he was a ******** but kept my mouth shut because I don't want to make any enemies if I dont have on the agenda is longjohns and thermals then..

    Anyone else have any advice about what you wished you took to phase 1? Or things you did that you were glad you had?

  10. These are the danglies:


    just google "helly" and "lifa".

    I have to say that I tend to go for a Lifa top as a base layer anyway - and carry the longjohns in case it gets truly artic. As a bonus, because it wicks, the top works really well as a base layer for runs on cold winter evenings...
  11. Get polypropylene not cotton - much warmer when wet and dries quicker. But don't get them anywhere near a naked flame. I use Lowe Alpine stuff and it's excellent

    The problem with long johns is that they tend to be too long - I don't think the calves need too much insulation - think hobbit. I've toyed with the idea of cutting them off just below the knee before now, but I suppose they would unravel.

    Another point worth making is that once they are on you will tend to leave them on because taking them off requires a complete strip - no fun on a windy hill top, never mind the time involved. Section attacks and the graveyard stag require different levels of insulation, so something like a good fleece, softie or buffalo is what you really want - quicker to put on and take off.

    And remember your feet. Warm feet keep the rest of you warm. And wet feet = cold feet. If you hvaen't got goretex boots, think about getting some, but don't rush into it because they need to fit well. I've just bought some customised Alt-Bergs and they are excellent.
  12. Softie softie softie

    but bear in mind that your training staff may enforce the issue kit only rule, so buy some warm kit that you can wear under issue kit without it being to obvious.

    PWRR is a top regiment well doen fella and good luck.

    Oh and like Vasco says look after your feet
  13. While on the subject of warm kit; I heard the lads, now on Telic, get issued Softie Trousers. Anyone know where we can buy these?
  14. Alternativly, rather than long johns, as mentioned above, try the fully sip up trousers from Buffalo. Fekkin fantastic!!!

    Another thing I used was a Zoot suit. (Ok, this was on Junior and Senior Brecon) but it was fantastic. Wind proof, and green worn under the CS95 kit. Didnt matter if I went swimming in all my kit (which we did) cos when I got out it warmed up super fast and was wind proof.

    Go for gore tex socks rather than the boots, as you can take the socks off and dry them out easily, where as the boots are a biatch!
  15. if all else fails nbc kit:) youll never be cold with that on