Wearing your Kilt at Mess functions

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Chubby_Brown, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. I have a Father and sons dinner night in a few weeks and want to wear my kilt with my REME mess dress, as my old man is wearing his full highland dress. Is there a laid down etiquette for this. I am planning to send a letter asking permission to the RSM but is that enough, or is it not allowed in the first place???

    Anyone with any experience of this??
  2. Are you serving? If so, you should wear the apropriate mess dress. If you are a civvy and wish to wear a kilt then it should be part of the full formal suit. Mix and match would probably be frowned upon.
  3. 0

    I am serving and have seen people wearing kilts with mess dress in 2 previous messes I have been members of. Perhaps they just got away with it?? I would like a definitive answer before I approach the badge.
  4. You are not clear. Where those kilts part of their respective mess dress or was it REME SNCO's in kilts rather than trousers (or something similar)? Ihave never seen a kilt worn with mess dress unless it was official/normal.
  5. Sorry, I have known REME and RLC to wear their own kilt instead of trousers, from waist up Mess dress, waist down Kilt etc. Not normal but neither is beating France twice in the same campaign!!!
  6. LOL!

    In that case why not just ask and give your reasons along with prescedents? The main idea of the night is for everyone to have a good time is it not? If it has been done before, you will not be breaking a tradition.
  7. Friggin skirt wearers.....jeez.
  8. :lol:
    That's more than likely if they were Argylls :lol:
  9. I believe that if you are a qualified piper irrespective of regimental persuasion you can wear the kilt with your Mess dress jacket and indeed No 2 dress, but that is not really going to help you! Sorry.

    It would be interesting though as Mess Dress is personal purchase and (I Believe) not really classed as official uniform so in theory as long as the presiding member agrees I do not think that you are contavening any dress reg? Is it even covered in dress regs?

    I would be interested if any does have the answer to this.
  10. Chubby, its usually a grey area. Im sure your original course of action will be good enough. I have been to plenty where lads wear kilts, its just down to your main mans opinions.
  11. Why not speak to the RSM and see how he feels? If it's a father and son shindig I couldn't see him having a problem with it.

    At the end of the day you could just wear it and drop off a couple of bottles of Port on the big guy'ds desk the next day :lol:
  12. Wear the kilt mate, go for it. If the REME have done it before maybe you might just get away with it.

    But remember to be a true Scot.
  13. Regardless of rools and regs, if the big cheese aint happy it aint gonna happen. Go bang your tabs in and speak to the man.
  14. And we complain about hijabs - bloody porridge wogs :D
  15. Mess dress is an official uniform regardless of if you have to pay for it. As it was originally only officers that wore it. They buy their own kit such service dress, hats shoes, etc,etc. I'm not sure your RSM would be to chuffed about you in mixed dress, but "nothing venture nothing gained".

    Kilt wearing should be in dress regs for your Corp. You shouldn't really wear civvi highland dress with military dress as it would look sh1te IMHO. However the REME should have a tartan?? As other Corps do (eg R Signals is Grant taran). But you would need to follow it up by wearing the correct tartan with tartan hoes, buckle shoes and a horse hair sporran for it to look right (Mess dress Heavy Highland). Could get expensive!