Wearing your issue gear on a night out on the lash??

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by DrGonzo1, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if someones posted a thread similar? So here is my question.

    I was out in Brighton the other night and happened to bump into a couple of fellas dressed in standard issue MTP combats and lowa dessert boots (possibly trying to show the civvi world they're Ally as fcuk?)

    They even had their regimental berets on pulled pretty much over their left ears. (once again trying to show the world how incredibly Ally they are?)

    Is it against HM Regulations to wear your rig out on the town? Id like to know not because im tempted to bust field gear out on the lash, but because they looked pretty stupid walking about?

    Be funny to hear some similar stories as well?

    PS. Anything in open ( and closed ) brackets should be noted as Sarcastic.
  2. DrGonzo1

    Hunter S Thompson was a better journalist.
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  3. wah shield up
  4. Did you let them take turns with your back box?

    I'd imagine in most places you'd get the shit kicked out of you for being a pikey ****** who doesn't own any civvies if you went on the lash in uniform (post-Remembrance/weddings etc excepted of course).
  5. Great 1st post mate.
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  6. Spotted some twat in desert 95 out on the town in Weymouth (I think) a good few years back. May have been in Harry's. Hair covering his eyes and looked about 17, no mates visible.

    Anyway asked him what unit he was with, as you do and he replied "err signals" upon asking him what regt and where his belt was he promptly shit it and admitted he was a civvy who'd just dressed up to try and pull. Weymouth with an RE trade camp running probably wasn't the best time or place to do so.
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  7. Thanks but I think I'll just wait for the cheese.
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  8. I once went out in Canterbury in a bomb suit. Well not exactly out on the lash but it was in the street.
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  9. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I think you're getting confused.

    Due to defence cuts all night club doormen are now being issued with rig so that in times of need they can form hasty militias to defend the crown.
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  10. There was also an incident where an officer cadet at a university where they really should have known better went to a bar/nightclub one night in full 95s including head dress. Never did find out who it was, just had it announced on parade not to be so ******* stupid. I believe a friendly bouncer had a word before he got lynched by the rest of the punters.
  11. I retired in 2008 and at that point it was against Queen's Regs to go into licenced premises in uniform unless on duty. I justified taking the lads to a pub before our big parade at St Paul's each year by saying we were on duty.
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  12. I was in Tesco's in Catterick once, and the place was full of walting ***** cutting about in 95s.

    I was so outraged I spilt coffee down my para smock and onto my trop's.

    True story.
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  13. Its a sign of these straitened times I'm afraid.

    These poor hard done by soldiers don't earn enough to afford civilian clothing and they have to make sure that they can get every discount going by waving a Mod90 about in every single shop/cafe/bar they go into.
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  14. Boden have got some nice desert boots in the summer range.

    Always useful to have some of those in the wardrobe, I am told. Set off any outfit?
  15. 200962165625489.jpg

    anyone caught wearing these disgusting articles with jeans shall be tracked down by he fashion police and beaten senseless
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