Wearing Uniform In Public

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Op_Int_and_Spy, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. I've noticed an ever-increasing trend in the wearing of uniform when out shopping and travelling to and from work, especially amongst the more junior element of the Corps. Having been indoctrinated at a young age, I've always considered this a no-no. When looking at the wider Army, it seems driving around in civvy cars (either your own or issue) is perfectly acceptable. Where do you stand on this issue?
  2. The Army has become increasingly distanced from the general public and it shows in their lack of understanding and support (not all of course) this is attributable is no small measure to the Army closing itself away in Barracks and only emerging disguised as civilians. Anything that raises the profile of the Forces can only be a good thing.
  3. If my brown envelope arrives:

    Only when I'm living on a trolley in a corridor Selly Oak :oops:
  4. I'm in the Dutch TA. Overhere we always (the regs too) travel to and from the barracks in uniform. There is no issue what so ever if it would be appropriate or not to wear it from and to home.
    Nowadays we even swear in on public marketplaces of garrrison towns, to (from the MoD's point of view) keep in closer touch with the civvy's and maybe even get some more new recruits.
  5. When I first joined it was not unusual to wear uniform in public, and to hitch hike home in it as well (We were poorer and had less cars)This started to go out of fashion in the mid 80's even before we were ordered to. Now I feel we should be seen out & about. Be smart with beret on, and hands out of pockets. Show the public we have an armed forces, start turning up at local shows, and bring back the Royal Tournament. Have Open Days again, and above all else tell the world we are not afraid. Walking in local towns in uniform should be as commen a sight as it used to be. Go to a larger Garrison such as Catterick, and you do already.
  6. Agreed Mike
  7. I agree that it would be a good thing to see more service personnel wearing uniform in public outside the wire and away from barracks as well. The British people, in general, are supportive and appreciative of the forces and are usually friendly and helpful towards soldiers.

    The main downside at the moment are those elements of the UK population who have 'reservations', for want of a longer description, regarding our involvment in Iraq and Afghanistan. This happened to me whilst on duty and in uniform at a service station on the M1, when I was subjected to a 5 minute rant by a bearded, robe wearing Islamic gentleman who had deicded that I was personally responsible for the situation in Iraq. Eventually he calmed down and walked away, but it took a lot of will power not to stick one on him.
  8. i wear uniform in public every day. only problem is i now feel obliged to buy the Big Issue every time i walk past the little homeless fella, just so he doesn't think all soldiers are tight c*nts...
  9. I wear green skin down town during the day, locally admittedly, not out shopping of an evening, etc.

    Beret on, make sure I dont look too shabby, ensure I hold doors open for people and generally act with a bit of respect for both the people im in contact with and for the uniform I wear.

    5 minutes worth of KAPE can easily undo misconceptions of what Soldiers are like.
    There are no doubt security issues, there always have been and will be. That's where not setting patterns comes in.
  10. Agreed FB, I had a word with one of my peers a few weeks ago because he decided that undoing his twistees and untucking his shirt (not very well pressed either :roll: ) while standing at a train station and spitting on the tracks was a good idea :x

    Doesn't do any of us any favours.
  11. Old habits die hard. I still change from uniform to civvies when I am driving and would never wear uniform downtown.

    Having said that I still vary my route to work and don't tell anyone I meet what I do until they are more than aquaintances.

    I'm not being a cowboy, I just don't feel the need to advertise.

    And all those years giving personal security advice makes you a bit set in your ways!
  12. Intersting points made by FB and R&P.

    Somehow I feel there is a need to balance the need for KAPE, but also there are security issues. I never went down town in uniform. (except as a recruit in 18...whatever).

    I suppose it relies on education of the individuals and then let them make there own minds up. How many of you would have gone shopping in Belfast in uniform?
  13. The reason why we stopped wearing uniforms was the IRA terror campaign of the 80s!

    In BAOR Standing orders it stated that unit commanders had the right to use his powers to allow troops to wear civvies - thuswearing uniform was something that the 4 powers in Germany all had in common.

    Russian troops in east germany never went out WITHOUT there uniform on!!!

    As stated, it was at the COs disgression and became a must during the 80s.

    Now, the IRA are less of a threat and the threat is a different one. This time we should wear uniform!
  14. But there is still a threat there. Should we wait until a fundamentalist terrorist organisation makes direct attacks against HM forces on the mainland?
  15. Nipped home the other day and couldn't get down the single track because of a large truck parked outside my neighbour's house. Beret on and hoofed it down the track, did the biz, and back to the car, only to be greeted by the neighbour three doors down with "I didn't know you were in the Army! We wondered why you spent such long periods away"!

    I've only lived there, so to speak, for 10 years!

    Now that the IRA threat is much reduced, perhaps we should become more visible again.