Wearing two different long service medals...

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by 2/51, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Right, I was awarded the TAVR before the changeover to the VRSM. I got 1 and a half years knocked off the qualification time due to 3 and a bit years regular service. (So 1.5 "discount" plus 11 years TA)

    I left in 2002 but have since rejoined, but in the RAF Aux. I have just had notice from the Sqn Leader that I am eligable for the VRSM as they have just received confirmation of my Army/TA service. (only took 2 years!)

    Is this normal?? He is saying that as I had completed 10 years + total service with the TA and the RAF Aux I qualified for the VRSM :? Surely the VRSM qualification time would only start from the date the TAVR was issued......so in my case, 6 or so months TA then 2 and a half years RAF...so no qualification...

    Seems really strange being told I can wear a TAVR and a VRSM but I have seen this twice now, within the RAF.

    Any thoughts?
  2. You're right, he's wrong. And if you had a gap of more than x (I think 3 years) none of your prior service counts.

    It can be done - it just takes a while. One of our more elderly members gave up one of the bars to his TD (and counted some subsequent service) to gain his VRSM ...
  3. Thank you for that...makes perfect sense!!!..I think the VRSM is bloody ugly anyway..would clash with the TAVR anyway :)

    Thanks for the clarification...
  4. Sorry, from TA Regs (it will be slightly different crab-side but it's all done by Royal Warrant so they'll have just screwed up the spelling and grammar and will call everybody 'mate'):


  5. Excellent....reply, thank you.

    Its nice to get one over on the Boss ;)