wearing staple belts...why???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by kingpin, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. When I attended ATR Pirbright for my recruit selection, I noticed that there were many recruits wearing the staple belts. Most from what I could see, were recruits wearing the RLC staple belts.

    I pressume they can wear the staple belts as soon as they pass off the square and get their cap badge and can wear the full CS95 kit. I'm suprised the army allows them to wear staple belts as its not always easier to identify who is a recruit and who is not, also, doesn't it give the recruit the idea that he/she is already in!!!

    Finally, I should hopefully be going to Blandford for phase 2 and have heard that all phase 2 recruits have had their staple belts taken off them, also they will not be wearing CS95 but the green bottoms and scratchy tops??? :?
  2. Surely they were in the SPS if they were wearing staple belts....
  3. No, im not even in yet...I'm just taking an interest thats all, I called them scratchy tops as not sure as to what their proper name is? :cry:
  4. where has that other post gone!!!...has it been deleted! :?

    Nothing deleted by the MODS.......MiB
  5. Well call me old if you like, but the Stable belt, so called as it was worn for work in the Stables, not when fully dressed adds a feeling of pride for the wearer, giving a feeling of Corps D'esprit or whatever that french rubbish is.

    Dress regulations for recruit and permanent staff is a matter for the CO. All the recruit has to do is exactly what he/she is told and he/she will be fine. How difficult is that?
  6. I see, and yes it does make them look smart, just was unsure as to why not everyone was wearing them, whether it is through choice or upto the OC like you say.
  7. I mean CO not OC, fuk sake switch on :idea:
  8. The policy in Blandford is that as a Phase 2 (from Phase 1) you will wear the standard issue green belt. Upon completion of your Phase 2 training you will granted the privilidge to wear the Corps belt.

    No big drama, if you want to wear it....then earn it!
  9. OK, thanks for that.

    One more thing...I thought the army were not allowed to wear uniform out of camp, unless on duty. When I was at Brookwood station awaiting to go home, there was two youngish soldiers wearing full uniform but with trainers on, they got the train back to Waterloo, so off duty I pressume with regards to wearing trainers...looked like a bag of shite.

    Apart from that, they were using the F word and bad language on a train with mother's and kiddies and thought it wasn't the best thing to do wearing uniform, at least if they were changed then no-one would be non the wiser that they were in the army.

    Any thoughts??? :idea:
  10. Are you for real...
  11. Your village is missing you very much.GO HOME!!
  12. ok, I can't wait to wear the full CS95 kit along with Nike air pumps and act like a total chav on public transport...see what they mean by the army has changed?
  13. How would you know?
  14. If you continue to act like a troll Kingpin, the MODs will show you the door! If you are genuine, then stop acting like the "Village Idiot" as described earlier...

    You don't understand "Stable Belt", but feel confident describing CS95 rather than referring to it as "combats" or "combat 95" as a youngster more likely would. I have my doubts about you Kingpin, I really do.
  15. no not me, but the older generation, like my dad and grandad who both served in 1 PARA and other grandad who was on Juno beach with the Canadians... I don't know a single thing cause I aint in the army yet, hence the reason I reserve comment on it and ask for your advice as you lot are regulars...the only mil experience I have is 13 weeks RAF Reg training, untill I decided to basically smash my knee cap in on a lovely rock at Stanta, now fit again I am joining the army.

    Maybee I ask too many questions!