Wearing stable belt

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by simsky, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. Just completed my phase 1 training. Do you know if we are allow to wear the stable belt now or we can only wear it after Phase 2 training.

    Also is it given to you free?
  2. if you havent got one, wait until you see other people wearing them?
  3. As a general rule they can be worn once you're a trained soldier i.e. after phase 2 and 9/10 you pay for it yourself.
  4. Im not army, but i have recently spent a year at SEME and all the phase 2s there were wearing them all the time.
  5. It all depends what Capbadge/trade you are, I know that the RLC soldiers wear stable belts in phase 2, So do the Royal Engineers. If you dont have one then im sure there will be somewhere to buy one at your phase 2 establishment. And free? have a guess.
  6. That's changed fairly recently then. They used to be presented at the end of Phase 2.
  7. Recently a mate if mine got presented his stable belt at the end of his combat engineers course at gib barracks
  8. Ours are presented at the end of phase two. An exception was made as the unit was getting the Freedon of somewhereville and some of the Phase one guys were marching too.
  9. RAF Reg't fashion at the moment is to wear the Regimental buckle with the green 'working' belt rather than the RAF dark blue/light blue/red banded one.

    This along with removal of the RAF TRF from all shirts and smocks proves once again that even the Rocks hate the RAF.

    Still think it looks gash though.
  10. I'm RE (albeit TA) and we aren't supposed to wear until finished TSC(B) and considered 'trained soldier'.......And have to part with cash to the RSM to aquire one too..
  11. Everyone I know has had to part with cash for their stable belt, one way or another.

    Like above, wait and see what other people do, otherwise if you have DS who aren't absolute gash sacks ask them.
  12. It's a requirement there. You'll find it varies from Capbadge to Capbadge....
  13. Everyone knows the RAF Regt are SF so don't need any badges.
  14. Infantry Regiments do and don't dependant on capbadge, although you will probaly have to wait till after phase 2 to wear it.
  15. I guessed that was just putting it out there as people were sayng at the endof phase 2.