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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cc123, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. If you need specs to pass the eye test during the medical do they force you to wear them during all your training?

    Reason I ask is I'm only 0.25 out in my left eye, its enough to struggle to read the bottom line during an eye test but I do have glasses (mainly for computer use) but I'm fine otherwise...

    I wouldn't say my eye site is gubbed, are you then forced to always wear glasses during training?
  2. No you arnt forced to wear glasses during training
  3. Cheers for clearing that up, don't fancy having to be forced to wear them doing anything physical when I only really need them to tell a 'c' from an 'o' from 5 paces!
  4. Im 0.75 out in my left eye and apparantly thats very minor so you should'nt have a problem without specs for training!
  5. How's your right eye? That's the one you'll be using for shooting.
  6. If you wear them on the ranges just remember to back your eye off the iron sight slightly, I used to forget all the time, with all the hilarious shots going over the top of the target as the sight smacks your glasses....

    Even funnier, ask the Q to order your lenses for your S10.....
  7. I must have a fantastic Q because I only asked once and got them sorted out in about three weeks.

    If anyone gives a sh*t, I'll have a look through my stuff and see if I can find the note he wrote me at the time, telling me what forms I needed and from whom.
  8. It was over 10 years ago when I first asked the Q, things may have changed... When I left my last TA unit it was a specialist sigs unit I only saw my gat about once a year so I didnt bother asking for lenses, it wouldnt have made much of a difference anyway, no matter how well I could see the target, I was so rusty I would have been lucky to wound the figure let alone get a grouping on him lol
  9. Come on, spill the beans. Mine were allegedly ordered at Chilwell while on the way out to OP TELIC 1. Still no sign of them. Would have been fun changing my contacts in a persistent nerve agent environment ...

  10. I got issued lenses for my S10. Nice plastic lenses that nestled in rubber frames, secured to my personal respirator. Until it was put in the store at the TA centre. And swapped around with some other respirators. I eventually got it back. It must have been very frustrating for the individual who was issued with my ressie in the meantime and upon hearing "GAS GAS GAS" donned it within the specified 9 seconds - only to find he was looking through my goldfish bowl lenses. I suppose that was when he pulled the lenses from their frames and thew them away. There was no evidence of them when I found it after a long search through the stores. I recovered the rubber frames and took them home. I still have them, fitted with a pair of lenses out of an old pair of specs. Of course I don't need them now but come the day....

  11. Perfect, just a slightly defect left eye so all is good!