Wearing rig at son's pass out?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, May 3, 2013.

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  1. What's the form for this? Should I wear FAD to his parade or is that considered vulgar and somewhat Army Barmy?

    His old dear would quite like to see the two of us in rig at the same time as it might never happen again but I'm a bit conscious that it could look twattish. What does the panel think? I'll go with the majority decision.

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  2. A picture of the boy's Mother would help me to decide.
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  3. Promise?

    Swap places with him and show his mates how it should be done.
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  4. I'm aware that this is in the NAAFI but you're getting my serious answer anyway. Of course you should wear your uniform and I'm sure your lad will appreciate the effort - and your missus is right, you won't get many chances to take a photo like that. Go for it, fuck what the rest of the cunts here say.

    (The above advice only applies if you aren't in the AGC(SPS) - if you are, burn your uniform you pen-shuffling tit)
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  5. Depends on the following factors:

    • If you've more gongs than the whole DS staff put together
    • Would you son want to be photographed with a 22 yr LCpl storeman
    • Does your son inspire to be you or avoid all you did and go to something uselful instead
    • Will it get you noshed off round the back of the drill shed by the borderline lezza Provo Cpl

    It's a hard one!
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  6. as long as your not a general in the iraqi army i think it would be ok !! if you ARE then dont expect much of welcome !
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  7. Didnt know the taliban had best turbans and flip flops!
  8. .
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  9. More fixing
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  10. Go for it and be proud as all get out. After Herrick my daughter asked me to attend Rememberance Day with her in her uniform (Ok Air cadets at the time, but I am ver proud of her) and me in mine so we could stand together. A bit dusty that day.
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  11. Hello Son !! now where do you want me for the photoshoot !1

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  12. When my son passed out of phase 1 two years ago we (the old and bold) were asked not to wear uniform or medals as it took away from their sense of occasion. So could I humbly suggest a suit and Regimental tie? It’s so understated, but panache personified.
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  13. I wore No2 uniform with medals to my son's Passing Out at AFC Harrogate a couple of years ago, and again at the end of his Phase 2 in Keogh. He had already asked his OC if it was OK before asking me if I would, so I could hardly refuse. The photos of my boy and I both in No2s are to be treasured.
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  14. OP, has your son asked his CoC what you should do?
  15. Sums it all up really
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