wearing own boots at blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by gaaaary, Aug 27, 2011.

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  1. I'm passing out from phase 1 in about a week and one thing I've realised is that for me the issue boots are shocking, so when I start my phase 2 course am I permitted to wear my own purchased boots e.g Lowas or Altbergs?
  2. I wouldn't imagine so, you'll probably need a chit from the med centre.
  3. Save your cash matey. I'd be saving my cash for getting the fook out of Blandford at the weekends not ally boots that will just get you gripped on the numerous early morning parades you will be attending.
  4. .........no.
  5. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    But looking at the plus side at least you'll be able to wear name tags on your PCS ;) !!!
  6. Wait until your first unit, you may then be allowed to get your own or possibly not. It depends on the unit you go to. It's always fun going from a unit where you can wear your own to one where they insist on issue kit, which you have to dig out of the bottom of a dusty MFO.
  7. There is fcuk all wrong with the issue boots you flaming mah'lar.

    If you have 'freaky feet' go to the MedCen; if you just want to look ally, finish off at Blandford get to your unit and then go on tour. You will find all sorts of good stuff is then issued to you.

    You'll find that most units aren't keen on you cutting around in whatever boots you fancy, on camp. On exercise, however, there is generally a bit more leeway.
  8. Whilst for most there is nothing wrong with them, they are far from the most comfortable option around.
  9. But fine for lizarding around camp.
  10. I thought with the new kit we were getting brown boots so it would be a waste surely!
  11. You have to get a chit signed to say you can wear your own boots. The RSM has the forms and he signs it before you go and get it signed by your Troop Staffy then the form's kept in your Troop so they know who has permission to wear their own and who doesn't. It's a bit different from a working unit with it being a training unit. If you bang your tabs in outside the RSM's office first thing in the morning and ask for the form he'll square you away.
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  12. I can only apologise. I tried to delete it when I noticed the wind up posts telling him he couldn't but the forum software won't let me delete my post for some reason. I've PM-ed Disco, hopefully he can delete it before the kid sees it?

    I can't believe anyone would believe that you're not allowed to wear your own boots though! Not even sprogs are that gullible!
  13. Well done JBM.

    Now all the scroates are going to be bothering the RSM and their Troopys*...

    I'd suggest the lad makes a beeline for his chit ASAP, because he wont want to be in the later echelens of eager of 'own boot' chit wearers....

    * Actually if one of them is still who it was a short while back I wont mind too much!!! :D
  14. It varies from Unit to Unit. However, if you have incurred the expense of buying boots and are not allowed to wear them, speak to the RAO who will be more than happy to authorise repayment via JPA.
  15. Funny as hell, when I was in Iserlohn the duty clerk got gripped one weekend for wearing slippers in the orderly room. He explained that it was his concession to Sunday, so the Rasman wrote him a chit so he could pick up signals and stuff from RHQ in his slippers.