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Wearing of unit embelishments


After reading this thread it is apparent that we are metamorphosing from an Army into the Girl Guides. The word uniformity doesn't translate to mean "to be different". Every unit has a cap badge which sets them appart. I say get rid of all the badges, belts and make everyone wear what they are issued. We don't need the word "REME" and a hammer & tongs on our rank slide or a stable belt arround our waist to indentify ourselfs. The toolbox we carry is the giveaway to who we are and what we do. As for T-shirts, be the same as the rest or wear issue PT kit, the later will definately turn a few heads and get a few laughs.
No hammer and tongs? I can see the Tiffs loving that.

"Staff, explain this to me"
"Tiff to you Sir, I didn't spend 18 months of my life having my spine removed etc. etc. etc."


As an Enlisted Man, you are to be provided with all of your uniform and equipment.

When I joined up, it was only Officers who were required to purchase certain items of uniform.

I kicked off a stand against paying for name tapes whilst attached to the sigs and they ended up being funded by the regt.

Got me a shit load of extras but I wasn't going to back down once I had spoken up.


Have been attatched to several units where the wearing of a millstone around your neck was considered Mandatory. It was a good way of spotting REME on guard - only if you had forgotten that it was the weekend !!

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