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Wearing of unit embelishments


I keep on reading that the blame is with the EME and the ASM....Oh come on...we know how blinkered they can be when it comes to career's etc...

If I was chucking the blame hammer around it would be at ALL the SNCO's who havent addressed this issue and got it sorted.

I remember my tanky days when they tried to get us to pay for slides etc...but the whole LAD simply said no. They then looked to pay for it out of LAD funds...which also got a HUGE no too.

The rules are just need the courage to use them..unless you really want to wear them after all..which is generally the case with the REME guys I found. Anything to look different eh. But NOT at any expense to my pocket!!!


BTDT, any OC who tries to stand up to a CO is usually posted quickly or has crap CRs.
How many thrusting young Captains are prepared to do that - to the nearest none?
The method I used (well discussed on here a few years back) was simply to say 'No thanks, Sir' and refuse to part with a penny. RSMs, OC LADs etc. soon get bored of saying 'Buy a jumper Staff' and everyone ends up happy - 1 bloke posted and paid disturbance allowance, 1 OC LAD posted to DEME(A) for re-education, 1 RSM with a sore throat.

In summary, just say 'No thanks' to any order to purchase dress embellishments.


Remember my first day at 10 Airborne. 2 X long sleeved maroon t-shirts, 2 x short sleeved maroon t-shirts, 1 X Black stable belt , these you bought= cost £40 +. Not an option.
Issued =1 x maroon beret, 1 X Para frock, 1 x black lanyard for green shirt, DZ flash and Pegasus badge. These you wore,again not optional.

Recently have had to buy REME TRF's and now , because "we should be proud to wear them"???!, 1(UK) Div Rhino badges because they are not funded from public money. My opinion is that if the Army has stooped so low that it's soldiers have to buy their own uniform items, it's time to go work for Tesco, who have more employees and provide all the uniform you require.
JSP 336 also states Authorised Embelleshments:

This has gone on for years, including coloured jumpers for WO's Its about time the lines were drawn, and as stated before. If you want me to wear it - Unit should pay for it, and that includes all TRF's

Has any unit insisted that thier TRF should be worn instead of the REME or RLC (Chefs) one as a matter of interest?


To add further to the link of the JSP 336 which has all the information of what REME are to wear with the unit you are serving, I have just noticed that there is a DRAFT Army Dress Regulations on the Army Electronic Library (DII). In Part 4 there is the "Authorised Dress For the REME" Ser 34 states Rank/Regt Slides: OFFICERS: DPM rank slides with 'REME' beneath the badges of rank. OR: Issued DPM rank slides or purchased slides with embroidered 'REME'

This should be yet more ammunition to refuse to purchase something we don't want, stand your ground, I would like to think that your OC/ASM etc. would be right behind you, however I know this is not always the case
Nige is spot on. If you feel you are being forced to buy something you don't want to wear and are backed up by dress regs then follow his advice. You should be prepared for sh1t to rain down on your bonce but at least on posting you can tell your EME & ASM its not them who carry the REME balls in the LAD :headbang:


soprano54 said:
Man_at_MAN said:
It always used to be 1 item from the parent unit, mind you didn't stop us in 3RTR wearing:
Black Beret
Black Coveralls
Black Belt
Black/Green Shoulder Slides
Black Putties
Black Jumper

O happy hapy days.

Not arf, get your arrse over on the RAC forum and have a look at the 3 RTR thread! In my expierience most REME lads who get attached to an RTR Regt don't mind wearing the 'Black Stuff'!!! I've even seen some of them wear it when they've left and gone to say 2BN! :blowkiss:

I certainly enjoyed wearing the black stuff! Kept my black beret & tankie stripes on the old woolly pully on posting. It used to really annoy SNCO REME idiots in the wksp I was posted to.
Turned up a few years later back at the RTR with the TA wearing green covvies, was told I was dressed improperly & the next day on the way down to the tank park, as I was passing the stores, a pair of brand new black covvies were thrust into my mitts with the instructions, "Put these on".

Happy days indeed.


In the same situation in our LAD attached to a 'New' Regt, however all the embelishments the Regt say we should have, not just uniform items (Luckily for us Rankslides are not required) but 'Mess Items' e.g Ties, Tshirts and Polo Shirts are bought out of the LAD Fund and added to the Misc Account held by the TQMS; all uniform items are issued to the LAD (Fmn Flashes etc) and signed to pax on arrival for the duration of their tour. This doesn't cover all pax as we wear LAD Tshirts, or Corps specific items at Regt event and if someone represents the Regt at sport they sign for the required Regt clothing for the event and return it when finshed. This is cheaper for all and Annoys the hell out of the Regt.


A thought.

If one is "required" to purchase accoutrements/uniform items as a condition of employment, presumably you can claim them as taxable expenses?

Any finance guy care to comment?


This arguement always comes up, and quite rightly, as a corps we get our pants pulled down regularly over dress regs. Every unit you go to has it's own pish dress regs. At most 1st line units you have to buy thier badges and a REME stable belt, then you get posted to a REME unit and you cant wear that stable belt, get the badges off!! EME's everywhere are too busy trying to get to Major to upset the CO about his beloved Regimental traditions and dress regs, so the result is we have to bite the bullet and fork out for it all. I think SEME is the only establishment to give a rats ar*e about Corps dress regs. One soloution would be for the Corps to pay for the Unit embelishments, but that would involve them spending money, not us, so not much hope of that.


Stand up and be counted lads. As I said before the attached to the old 1 LI were issued rifle Green berets, but were expected to buy same puttees. Not one of them did if I recall. That was the 1980s and you certainly got crapped on then. Would you wear a rifle green mess dress if you had to buy it? Certainly not. If the job requires you to have mess dress and the only way not to buy it is to be duty orderly sgt/offr for the whole tour then that is up to you! Any unit badges should be provided and sewn on by the unit tailor. In fact you could be charged in my old mob for taking a needle and thread to your kit unless in the field for anything more than a button. Unauthorised defacing of Govt Property.


The RRF in Celle where I'm at had us wearing their hackle & shoulder patches when I first got here, which wasn't really a problem as you were ISSUED enough patches for your issue kit, (3 x 95 shirts & jacket, field, 2 of) but unfortunately only 1 hackle. The REME TRF took care of the fusiliers patches but we only got 3 of those issued & we're now expected to fork out for any extra we may need! More annoyingly, 7 Armd Bde have decided to move our rat patches from the right to the left arm & issue us you guessed it, 3 of them! When I suggested to the QM that he had a 1 for 1 exchange policy on said rat badges he politely told me where to go. Does anyone in the upper corridor have shares in the factories who manufacture factories to make our badges?????
Back in the 80s I was with 12AD Wksps. The RSM tried to get all of the batterys and the workshops to buy nice pretty silky cravat type things. He was promptly told NO in no uncertain terms. Bugg3r had already goten us to wear stupid red patches behind the capbadges on our berets (wonderful aiming point just in time for our NI tour).
The question here is:- Are you having a blah! or do you really object on principle? If it's a gripe, stamp, slobber and then get yer wallet out. If, however you honestly feel that your being FUTA, Stand Too.

Example: A friend of mine was serving with an RA Regt Wksp in Germany as a stripey. He was 3 weeks from posting on promotion to SSgt when the battery he was attached to took receipt of it's new battery sweatshirts, two for each pax at a cost of cDM45 each. You know the type 276 (Sphincter) Bty RA rah rah. He hadn't ordered any and had already informed his BSM that he didn't need them, would never wear them when he left and already had a dhobi bag full of the fcukers from previous units.

When he attended the next PT sesh sans sais sweat, the only man not wearing one! he and his BSM had a full and frank exchange of views and he was promply fcuked off at the high port. The threats followed thick and fast: promotion? fcuking forget it! Posting? Fcukin' Falklands!!

The nobbers has overlooked one seemingly insignificant factor. He was married to an Irish national with cojones. An eloquent, plaintiff, letter to her consulate in Bonn resulted in a querying phonecall to some red tab at JHQ in Reindahlen. Result, the CO, Adjt and RSM were sprinting round camp with sparks coming from their arses wondering how the situation had been entirely misunderstood. Oh how we laughed.


My missus does that sort of stunt which is probably why it was better to leave before I got hitched!


War Hero
Having just returned from a well earned weekend off, the LAD which I serve at has been informed to go to the cqms to sign for our 'new' rankslides in preparation for when the RGJ to which we are attached to morph into the new 'Rifles'. The slides are o/g with a black stripe with blue outline above a bugle and the large letters 'rifles'. To all of us in the workshop this has deeply annoyed us as you can imagine.

You know as well as I do that the QM, RQMS and HQ Coy CQMS tend to think about their own guys and thier own issues. So I have no doubt that you have just got caught up in the generalities. I cannot imagine for one minute that either the CO or the RSM care whether you join in or not, so long as you all do the same thing.

Your own boss needs to diplomatically point out that you have pride in your own Corp too that you would prefer to wear your own ranks slides. If you are with 1 or 2 RGJ, trust me, they aren't going to get all arsey about it and nobody will get sent to Siberia.

In my experience attached personnel generally prefer to join the bigger team wholeheartedly and when a battalion does this sort of thing it is intended to make you feel part of it, not piss you off.

Edited to add: I'd be bloody amazed if your own boss was not party to any decisions which impact on your wallet too, so when you do get stuffed don't imagine that it is the battalion doing the dirty. If the CoC says to your boss "how would your guys feel about xxx and he says, they'd love it Sir" the CoC will assume that he speaks with some knowledge.


I know of a case where a REME Cfn on Rear Party who had answered an OMO call,while the Bn was in NI and was swiftly posted out to NI ,as an infantryman,wearing the Bn's cap badge, and kept away from his role as a VM.


I agree with threaders vm whole heartedly as im part of the new Rifles set up and have to wear two of the units embellishments ( A Riflles Rank slide & beret). This is all boils down to hierarchy ie ASM & OC having a word in the units ear and basically telling them to shove their rank slides as we arent Riflemen. This is unlikely to happen however as its always REME policy not to rock the boat with the unit and let the unit shaft us up the ARRSE and make do. If people werent so worried about their ****** career and actually stuck up for their lads this wouldnt be a post on this forum. Its never gonna change though so i guess we are stuck with it.... Now where is that Vaseline. No wonder people are signing off.


I got posted to a REME unit while on exercise at Sennelager with a Guards units. I turned up in full DPM, (DPM at that time was being issued to units on Op Banner) and a Guards sandy coloured beret. I heard whispers of , Is he SAS? Is he a Kiwi?. This same Guards unit was especially selected to represent the UK at the Nato Prix-le-Clerc. The CO could have easilly picked his best men from among his guardsmen, but he gave all of the attached personnel, namely REME, the oppurtunity to qualify for the team. In the Guards units we were seen as part of the unit, and not as a separate entity.
Something that I cannot say for many of the other units I have served with.