Wearing of trade badges

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by winker88, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi I have just joined as a AI I use to be a Medic & First aid instructor can I still wear this trade badge
  2. You should wear all trade badges, etc. in exactly the same way as you wore them as a regular soldier.
  3. I thought it was wings and daggers only on the trade front ,I went to frimley and that was the skit I got ,
    the RSM said I could wear my maroon lid and brit wings but no foreign ones.....
    Harry what do you think
  4. Wings, daggers and bombs...
  5. Wear them. I though the score was that you could wear one units foreign wings.....

    Ive seen 7RHA wearing German wings above the pocket and Brit ones on the arms.
  6. Any foreign military wings can be worn above the right breast pocket.

    French wings, are of course the chosen foreign type, as they are so big and ****ing shiney :thumright:
  7. But German ones are THE ones to have...... didnt do any running unlike the french

  8. .... except for running after the French
  9. Tell you what, they should get a running badge as well what, with the speed the french retreated (wasn't even time to unpack the drum to beat the meat!!).
  10. As Praetorian mentioned, the rule is that (assuming you have earned British wings - not just a lighbulb) you are entitled to wear one set of foreign wings above your right pocket. It holds for Regular, TA AND ACF.
  11. I have seen a non para trained bloke wear US wings on his cbt jacket nothing was said and the OC of the SQN at the time was ex 216 along with the YOS and the troop staffy.
  12. Snap, but he was a Maj Gen so I doubt the razzer would have a go, also I think he had a Ranger tab as well but I'm not too sure (yes he was a Brit and wore a ToS and an extremely old jacket, about 3 or 4 versions old)

    As I side note I has seen a guy wear a US Air Assault Badge (helicopter with wings) on his right chest, he was a lad in the old 24 Airmobile Brigade, he claimed he had permission as were a group from his unit, oh what fun the Really Scary Man had on his arrival
  13. Well whatever the regulations say the fact is that CO's have always excercised discretion in practice. I, and a whole bunch of others from 2 RGJ did the air Assault Course at Ft Campbell KY (in 1980 I think it was). We were awarded said wings (which should be worn on the left breast we were told) and our CO/RSM (A) Insisted that we wore them on combat jackets (B) Insisted that we never wore them on anything else.

    I have worn mine on my combat jacket ever since and have gone through countless CO's/RSM's in 2RGJ, 4RGJ and the ACF. If my CO/RSM insisted that I remove them I would, but I'd think they were being petty. I should add that whenever I have joined a new unit I have always sought out the RSM and asked what the policy was, and have always been told "you did the course, you wear them".
  14. The bloke I knew was a lancejack he did however wear his lid like a para.
    The sqn clarke wore the light bulb he was the only bloke I ever met in 10 years service I saw with the light bulb he was only a young lancejack at the time.
  15. I do indeed have my brit wings and I have continued to wear my australian wings above my right pocket on my para smock as I did as a regular and TA soldier but just found it stange that the RSM would pick me up for something which is permissable everywhere else in the forces.
    I have been lucky enough to keep my beret as my det is badged PARA ,but I have to be honest I would continue to wear my maroon machine with whichever cap badge of the unit I went to.
    That may upset a few people and may ooze airborne arrogance but I have to be honest I don't actually care .The cadets like to see the odd coloured beret teaching them and I think it adds to the party and gives the cadets something more to ask about andd learn about.