Wearing of Trade Badges on CS95

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by wellyhead, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. OK, before anyone calls be a boy scout or says speak to you whoever I was just wondering the rules on CS95 and the old trade badges. The reason for this question is I gave some advice to a lad and now I think I might be a little out of date.

    In my day (KF/GS shirts, denims, jumpers for goalposts etc) some trade badges could be worn on shirts and JHW, however with the advent of C95 some badge I haven't seen. I'm a sigs instructor and used to wear my flags above my stripes, but can you still do that considering stripes are now on your chest ? I have seen REME types with rank slides with their hammer and tongs on but not anyother badge ? If badges like flags and PTI swords can be worn on CS95 then do they go in their usual places and do we use the "no2" badges ? I ask as some shops seem to stock subdubed and even desert versions of the badges. What about the TRF ? if you have a badge that traditionally sits on the right arm above your rank, where would/could it go nowadays ?

    editied to say that I know about Para wings and cdo daggers cheers
  2. That's a good thing IMO, multicoloured badges have no place on a green uniform, or a desert one either! At least if they blend in it looks like an effort has been made....

    As for TRF, what a waste of time.
  3. I have seen C95 rank slides with both Crossed Swords and Crossed Rifles embroidered onto them (same as the Rank Chevrons).
    The PTI ones are available from the Army School of PT.
  4. My RSI has crossed flags on his rank slide.

    See below for a shop that sells trade badges on ranks slides:


    edited to add: just looked and they don't do RSI, but I am sure they would if asked....
  5. speak to youre , `PRI `shop , my local 1 ( 21 engrs ) Say they can order any form of rank slide , just tell them how you want it and voila ! As to `TRF `god what civie thought of that stupid idea, never heard of cap badges !!!
  6. Thanks for the replies HOWEVER

    I'm not interested in getting any badges, I just want to know if there are any regs over them. I say this as I told a lad that you don't wear any on CS95 apart from wings and daggers, but seeing all the badge etc on purchase I was wondering if there was some hard and fast rules on the subject
  7. As far as I know the only "Trade" badges authorised for C95 are: Para Wings, SAS Wings, Commando Dagger and Pilot Wings. All others are Unoffical.
  8. Not forgetting AT/ATO badges....
  9. knew I'd forget one