Wearing of the uniform after Retirement?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'm interested in what the regulations are for the UK's military retirees pertaining to the wear of their uniform after they retire. My understanding is that its not authorized is that right? What do they wear?

    Here in the USA, retired military can and do, wear their dress uniform(s) per regulations, on various occassions, associated with the military and military cermonies, etc. These ocassions are defined in the regulation. They are fairly generous though.

    I have attended formal dine-ins and unit formal parties, etc. where the mess dress or other formal uniform is required for active soldiers; however, retired soldiers can and do wear their mess dress, or other formal uniform. (If they still can fit in it.)

    Military retirees and civilians, may also wear a standard Tux if they choose too. The retired military people, can wear their miniture medals and badges on their Tux lapel if they choose to do so.
  2. You can wear Mess Dress (if it still fits) with an 'R' on the right wrist to signify 'retired', but very few would over here TW. We've a different attitude towards uniforms after retirement unless of course you are a 'Chelsea Pensioner'.
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Thanks for the reply!

    We have our share of retirees that have an "attitude," about wearing their uniform, after retirement as well. I think that there are more though, that just don't fit into it anymore. Some like myself, are very active in various military associations and are more often invited, to attend regimental and unit functions and other formal military affairs. I find the Mess Dress better suited, for me, then a Tux, which I have never liked or owned.

    In my case, I find that since I still have two well fitting mess dress uniforms, (Blue & White) that will cover both winter & summer (Tropical climates.) functions, I would rather wear them then rent a Tux or buy a Tux to attend these formal military functions that I am invited to. Be aware formal wear is required.

    We also have a patch that is worn on those uniforms that patches are worn on, that declares that you are retired. It is the only patch authorized for wear on that type of uniform for retiress, (Worn on the left shoulder.) with the exception of the unit patch of the unit with whom, you served in combat. (Its worn on the right shoulder.) Unit Patches are not worn on our mess dress.

    I would think that UK retirees who are active in associations, such as the Parachute Regiment Assn. or others must be invited to such formal unit activities as well, I'm aware that most associations have a sort of uniform that they wear, mostly a Blazer and gray pants, berets, etc. These are seldom considered formal wear though.

    You are refering to these Chelsea Penisoners:


    Perhaps others will comment further on this subject.
  4. I think if our Government and Military hierachy looked after those who have served, the way your Government do, then i think attitudes may change. When we leave the Army then all privilages are relinquished with it. You are a has been.
  5. I've seen a couple of Honourary Mess Members do that, although I dont know where that convention came from. I'm presuming the "R" thing comes from ensuring that people don't mistake them for presently serving, and decide to give them extras!

    My own preference once I leave is to wear a tux, with miniatures, if I get invited back for a Mess function.
  6. I'd better get onto the people at the top as I do my gardening in combat trousers! I'd better get a big 'R' painted on the leg in case the sphincter police come round.

    Apart from that, 22 years of wearing it is enough! I never used to wear my mess dress if I was visiting other messes; my wife was Green Slime attached to the RAF and I used to go to their functions in a dinner suit. It was far cooler than wearing recycled horse blanket mess dress!
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Hmmm... Horse blanket?

    Here's a picture of me in a Blue Mess dress uniform. The colors on my right are the SF Regimental colors, the ones behind me (Hidden) are the FSSF and the one on the left is the Canadian Colors. The picture was taken on the Menton Day Dine-in by the 1st SFG(A) in Tacoma, WA. The linage of the FSSF was taken by the Special Forces Regiment.