Wearing of rank at weddings

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Wee_Jock_Poopong, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick query.

    Is the wearing of rank one up from your own done across the board or is this just for a cfn/pte/spr/etc to allow them to wear a tape at their wedding?

    Thanks in advance

    Wee Jock.

    PS, The search function has been used.
  2. Not a practice I've heard of before. Probably the only set of blues available already had a tape on them and they never got around to taking them off.
  3. promotion walt. photos?
  4. This is when wearing 1s as a groom.
  5. Why would you want to do that?

    You are the rank you are. There's nothing wrong with being a Pte/Tpr/Spr/Gnr - most of us started there!
  6. It's a tradition.
  7. Really? Well it's one I've never heard of - and would never have availed myself of even if I had.
  8. I've heard that if you're 22 year Pte you can wear WO1 rank when you get married.

  9. In the RE I knew lads who wore a lance jack tape when they got married in 1's, if they were a Sapper. Not sure if it applies to all ranks thought.
  10. I have seen photos of a bloke i know who is a full screw wearing Sgt rank at his wedding, and I know for a fact he hasn't been promoted.
  11. Well you live and learn :)
  12. Oh and do not forget the use of the CO's car for your wedding car....
  13. It’s an urban Myth that lads accept as fact because it suits them.

    There is nothing in QR’s, Army Dress Regs or Ceremonial for the Army. Soldiers do it because they choose to believe they can :D
  14. ..and I also heard if you made it all the way through your career as a sapper and never got promoted, you got a WO1 pension.

    Has to be true, Ive seen a few 15 year sweaty sappers who are obviously trying for it.
  15. I thought it might be. I remember a mate of mine asked when he got married in his REME number ones (fighting postman's outfit) though I seem to remember there was talk of him getting twenty-five quid off the army because it made the local rag.

    Or is/was that just another urban myth?