Wearing of previous service headgear.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Mike_2817, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. In another thread it shows a AI wearing No2 Uniform with Para Beret, Badge & Belt while serving in the Lancashire ACF which is not affiliated with the Parachute Regiment.

    Is not about time that ALL AI's wear the correct headdress, badge and accessories of the regiment they are affiliated to, and only Airborne & Commando trained AI's who are affiliated to those units wear the coloured beret [once verified as qualified]

    I have nothing against Parachute Wings and Commando Daggers being worn [again once verified] as these badges are awarded to be worn 'in perpetuity' but the wearing of badges of units served with and not what your county wears to me is out of order, and I am sure Dress Regulations do not cover it.

    Take pride in your detachment and wear the same beret and badge as your cadets I say.

    And no I am not bitter, I served 25 years in the regulars, and what I did or did not do in time time has no bearing on what I do now.
  2. Make 'em (Cadet AIs with a penchant for Waltism that is) wear old tin lids (sans spider) and then hit said tin lid with a pick helve repeatedly until a thin, but steady, stream of blood trickles down their foreheads. Never did me any harm (I think). And before I start an ACF Vs everyone else war, I am not saying that all ACF AIs are Walts, just the sad ACF WO in the other thread.
  3. I've seen ben hur and I quite like that roman drum beater leopard skin hat thing come cloak whatever it is very ally

    I fancy one of those
  4. That is exactly the case, the problem is some Counties, just take the word of the potential AI when he knocks on the door as gospel, not sure whether they would request a P-file for and ex reg but they should do,

    In my county all ex regs have to declare Name Rank and number as well as regt or corps on application forms so finding out whether said Pot AI is what he says he is shouldn't be that difficult
  5. Yes I did read the whole thread, but a lot of people do not, and by the time I got round to make a comment it was locked. So I felt the subject without the Walt Outing in general was warranted.
  6. No need for P File - All you need ask for is their Discharge Book (Army Book 108 or other services equivalent) which as well as 'Certificate of Service' and Referance also contains Military Qualifications such as Trade, Regimental & Specialist [i.e. All Arms Parachutist] as well as all medals you are entitled to. If someone has 'lost' it then requre them to obtain thier Service File from the Veterans Agency:

  7. I can't speak for other counties.

    However, the rule in Yorkshire is that a CFAV will wear the badge of the detachment which he/she joins.

    However, upon assuming a Company or County appointment, a CFAV may revert to the badge they wore during any previous service.

    I guess Mr McAuley should have been wearing RLC in reality?
  8. Flashy I still want the roman leopard skin drum beater get up........
  9. My view is that if you Detachment or County Affiliation is the '1st Bn Foot & Mouth' then the only uniform, badge or headdress should be as well. Everyone from Cadet to Officer with no exceptions, and this would reduce incidences a Walting. In the regulars if you transfer (not talking attached here) from one Regiment to another you cut all ties and wear that Regiment/Corps headgear. Other than the Parachute Regiment no one else wears a Maroon Beret unless he/she is part of 16 Air Assault Brigade.
    I feel that in the ACF only AI's in an Affiliated Parachute Regiment Detachment should do so [and would not dare do so unless so qualified]

    The question of 'Badges worn in perpetuity' [Wings & Daggers] is covered by both Regular and ACF/CCF Dress Regulations, but should be verified before being worn.

    The ACF is their own worst enemy in allowing local variations to the Dress Regulations. If an AI is in it for the good of the Cadets, then wearing the same uniform should be no problem.

    Will this ever change? I doubt it.
  10. If someone is a member of a unit which has rigorous selection criteria such as the Parachute Regiment or the Royal Marines then they should be allowed to wear their maroon or green lid, shoulder title, 3 CDO flash etc on their uniform regardless of what they are now doing. Likewise, if someone spends 22 years in a line regiment and becomes a warrant officer, why should they be forced to lose their position of some status earned over long years, and accept a position as an ACF subaltern?
  11. It is the Parachute Wings and Commando Dagger as marks of qualification that can and should be worn 'In Perpetuity' [subject to verification] There are many Army Commandos and All Arms Paras who go on to serve in other regular or TA units and not wear the Maroon or Green Lid. It is my personal opinion that because the guidelines are not enforced it makes a farce of being affiliated to a local regiment or unit.

    As I have stated above ex para's or commandos who serve in the TA (other than airborne units such as 4 Para or commando units such as 29 (Commando) Regt RA) are not permitted to continue to wear the beret's or badges other than the Wings or Dagger, so why should cadets AI's or Officers? when the example which started this thread brings the ACF into dispute.

    AI's and Officers are in the ACF for the benifit of the Cadets are they not? and not to re-live former glories or re-enact them.
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    My red book is a work of fantasy; mine is missing 2 courses, over a year's service and a commendation.

    If your chief clerk is no good then courses do not get onto your red book. Mine resembles somebody else's service with my number on it.

    When I got mine (two months after discharge) I couldn't be bothered to correct it.
  13. My testimonial reads as if it belongs to someone else :D I was never that good! and the only quilification they missed out was my army swimming test. But yes I have heard of one or two like yours.
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    My swimming test is about all I did pass......apparently.