Wearing of medals

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by QNOGUNS, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Having completed my 22 years service 3 years ago I was wondering is there some written or unwritten rules regarding the wearing of medals out in public. The reason I ask is that I have been invited to a black tie dinner in a few weeks and wondered wether I could wear my medals at the said function??
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    You would normally only wear medals on a DJ to functions where medals were indicated on the invitation (i.e. regimental dinners). Turning up at the Rotary club annual black tie dinner mit gongs is probably Walting level 3..

    I think the only time when full size medals would be worn is the Remembrence Parade (if you are directly involved..)

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  3. Thanks
    The last thing I want to do is to turn up at a do and look like a right idiot
  4. Miniatures are to be worn on the left lapel of the jacket for 'Black Tie' events. However, unless there's specific instructions to wear decorations there's no obligation, so it's up to you.
  5. I had a similar issue a couple of months ago having been invited to a mess do. Ended up asking the RSM who left the choice down to me. Wore miniatures on my DJ and was glad I did, but wouldn't wear them to a non-mess black tie do.

  6. On Remembrance Sunday it is perfectly acceptable to wear your entitled medals whilst attending church service or watching a parade. Direct involvement (marching) is not a pre-requisite.
  7. I tend to wear minitures at Rememberence Sunday Parade because my understanding had always been that when in civvies it was minitures.

    I wear mine (minitures) with "black tie" to any "military" event that I am invited to. I also wore them to a school reunion black tie event..but being a posh private school it was expected ;)
  8. Faced with the same situation.

    I found that it was best to speak to the event organisers and asked them what they would prefer.

    There are a couple of organisations who even like their guests to wear Mess Dress (if entitled).

    Most difficult part is how to ask without sounding like an uberwalt.

    "Thanks for the invitation, I will be attending wearing full ceremonial garb, medals, side arm, coach, horses and private guard, don't forget that I'll be on the top table and play hail to the chief on my announced entry!"
  9. :clap:
  10. Miniatures are for wearing with evening dress eg Mess Kit or DJ

    If you are attending an event during the day, a rememberence service/parade or if you were attending a formal event at court, would require the wearing of full size medals.

    If you has the BEM, MBE or CBE it would be the same....
  11. CDM? VD and scar?

  12. The easy answer if in doubt would surely be to carry them in your pocket & stick 'em on if others are wearing theirs.