Wearing of Medals on combats

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 2/51, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Just seen the photos from the Rememberance Parade in Aberdeen and I noticed my old Corporal is still laying the wreath on behalf of 7 SCOTS.

    I know he has at least Golden Jubilee, TA efficiency, UN (Cyprus) and Afgahnisatn. I think he may have done Iraq too. However, he was not wearing them on Sunday with his combats. Normally he is no.2's when doing this and the medals are worn quite rightly with pride.

    Is this a new rulling that medals and combats should not be seen?

    2005 (as a sargent..must have been busted since then!)

    2009 in combats?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    I believe special dispensation has to be given to wear medals on C95.

  3. Thank you..I have seen others wearing on combats...supprised to see Scotty without his.
  4. I wear my medals in Cbt95 everyday. My rack is so heavy it's good fitness.
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  5. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    Do they permit you to wear sunglasses as well ?

  6. Pretty sure medals aren't really a barrack/working/combat dress thing - more ceremonial, service and mess dress.

    However I think ribbons were worn with Battledress back in the day, and the USN certainly wear theirs with their winter black and khaki's (their No3's and No4's), so I suppose there's precedent.
  7. "2005 (as a sargent..must have been busted since then!)"

    Nope. I spoke to him on SUnday and he is still a Sgt. Never been bust.

    "Thank you..I have seen others wearing on combats...supprised to see Scotty without his."

    I believe they were told not to!
  8. Confused now as in the other pictures on that site (which I bloody well cant find now..grrrrr) he has a corporal slide on his combats????
    I am sure its a mistake..glad he is still a three striper :)
  9. Never mind the order of dress, that scruffy bastad needs to sort his drill out. One Two!
  10. you have to ask permission (who to I don't know) to wear them with 95's
  11. Army Dress Regs, Part 13, Section 2, para 15:

    It goes in the local Parade Order for our parade - especially as the ACF don't have anything else (yet) and I think Brig 51 Bde has better things to worry about.
  12. I agree. Arms 'unlocked' at the elbow. Tsk tsk.
  13. Thats Scotty for ya :)

    Smashing bloke but can be prone to balls ups! One Rememberence in Inverurie he spent the whole drive there in the back of the 4 tonner making sure everyones No.2s where perfect, only to Parade himself with his Spats only fastened top and bottom.

    Learnt a lot from him over the years, especially on nights out!
  14. Toast rack maybe - do you still take the minibus from your Regt lines to the Bde Mess?
  15. It looks pump regardless of who, why and where it is done.