Wearing of Medals in Civpol uniform

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by nottyash, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. I have a few gongs and having recently joined plod was annoyed to say the least that I am not able to wear my ribbons let alone medals.

    In a rationalisation of uniforms those officers below Inspector don't get issued tunics. (Not all forces). In my view (Cynic radar) as a cost saving measure.

    Therefore there is no practical way to wear ribbons or medals.

    At least I should be permitted to wear them whilst giving evidence in HM courts.

    Your views would be appreciated.

  2. Why? Will it make your evidence any more reliable?
    Perhaps you could slip in a reference or two about your Military service and gongs along the lines of...

    "Well your Honour, I noticed the accused acting suspiciously, due to my spatial awareness honed to perfection during my service in HM Forces (Affix name of Regiment or Corps if it will add kudos. Stand Fast RLC members) during which I was awarded numerous medals, a list of which is available for your perusal in Appendix A of my evidence docket."
    This is bound to lead the Magistrate/Judge to convict the suspect and commend you for your crime fighting abilities. :roll:
  3. What do you wear then?

    I ask as I have recently seen some navy types in white open-necked short-sleeved shirts complete with ribbons a-la septics, so there's a precedence. Alternatively, you could get them tattooed onto your chest.
  4. Notty

    I shouldnt get hung up on wearing tunics/medals. I wasnt issued with one either but got hold of one from a retiring bobby. Worn it once for a presentation thing. Street uniform is worn for courts for most Forces now as far as I know. Having medals or not wont make any difference to a case outcome. Mags or Crown court aint a ceremonial Im afraid.
  5. Hold on, hold on. This is not the NAAFI. It has been the tradition for many years and I reinforce the word tradition, to wear or address awards given by the Monarch, be it an MBE, a Commission, QC etc.

    Being a traditionalist, I am just asking the question as a bloke who happens to like many others to have medals, whether they should be worn or not.

    I attach no weight, nor honesty/dishonesty behind the desire to wear them. Just think I should be entitled to. No axe to grind.

    I do however stand to be corrected.

  6. I have seen Police Officers on point duty wearing them for Remembrance sunday, in fact I saw one with at least 8 gongs, which IRC were GSM, Accumulated Service Medal, South Atlantic, NATOs, LSGC, Jubilee Medal.

    none on any other occasions.
  7. Previosly the man wearing those medals would have also worn those, or the ribbons at court.

    With the introduction of 'Stab vests' and the 'abolition' of tunics, this has led to ex service personnel, unless they are senior officer's, as was evident on my attestation (Who wear theirs), not being able to.
  8. I agree with your sentiment however, I don't work for Tesco's or the Corps of Commissionaires, I work foe the Queens Constabulary. Medals/Ribbons in my view should be transferable.
  9. We wear our ribbons on our standard issue fleeces, since tunics were withdrawn. Indeed, it is slightly surreal to see a fresh out of the box, ex HM Forces, student officer turn up on day one at the nick sporting a chest full of ribbons. Some of the old sweat bobbies who have never served a day in HM forces, and who are sporting a maximum of two ribbons (Long Service and Battle of Jubilee)seem to be niggled by it, and hate the fact that some lads and lasses half their age have seen twice as much action!
    Notty, why don't you request that ribbons be allowed on fleeces? Lots of forces allow it, so a precedent has been set. If not, just wear them anyway, you are entitled. See if you are challenged, then if you are, ask them how that would e received should the papers 'happen' to hear about it......
  10. Smashing answer, can you pm me please.
  11. Dude,

    You can wear your ribbons on your pullover. The loss of the tunic was a rubbish cause brought upon by those who ignored tradition.

    The old tunic was very much in the style of those currently worn by senior police officers, the belt and buckle variety. It was a sharper and smarter thing, as opposed to today's No. 2 dress.
  12. One word. Prick.
  13. If you think a Magistrate would be swayed by bling, then you might as well show him/her your prince albert.

    For me it's about principle, not swaying people who have a mind like yours knobber.
  14. Great answer marco we also wear ribbons on our fleeces and jumpers no matter what rank you are. As for the old sweat bobbies i get a wee bit of stick but just tell them i would rather have real than free soon shuts them up.
    Notty put them on your fleece mate you have earned them. I am sure they wont tell you to take them off if they do go to the federation failing that transfer North of the border they are happy for ex-forces to wear their ribbons. In fact when i first started I was told by my shift inspector to go put them on.
    Good luck if can help pm me
  15. Sorry JR, lost me.