Wearing of Medals Earnt as a Civvie

Discussion in 'Medals' started by roninxix, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. All,

    Bit of advice needed. I left the mob last year. Since then I have mystically earnt a further 2 medals for working for the Gubernment abroad. Nothing flash or prestegious just another couple of swingers but they are operational awards.

    My question is simple. If the need arises, Rememberance parades etc etc, where do I wear the shag magnets? Are they mounted along with my military earnt rack or are they worn elsewhere ie on the left? Or do I simply leave them in the sideboard draw to become tarnished like me others.

    All replies, sensible or otherwise, most welcome.


  2. Not sure how it goes mate but I know a chap that keeps shop in bastion who worked in Iraq who was awarded a couple of non military medals that he was given whilst over there that are mounted with his battle of Jubilee (Gold) and he wears on the left. I'd be interested in this answer myself so I can send him some hate emails if he shouldn't be wearing them.
  3. The solution may be obvious. Don't wear them at all. Didn't wear my mil ones for Rememberance this year for 3 reasons. Firstly, I couldn't find them. Secondly, Never been arsed to get them mounted and lastly couldn't be arsed to clean 'em even if I found them.

    If the mood takes me and I do decide to wear them (military earnt or otherwise) I just don't want to look like a Walt garnished with medals from alles uber der platz.
  4. Can only speak for the Australian Awards system, which must be along the same lines as the British system. I believe if the award is UN, and the Humanitarian Award/Medal springs to mind you are entitled to wear it in combination with military medals. There is an application form to fill out.
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    Wear them with pride as it's recognition for your service ..... End of :0)
  6. I would hazard a guess that you mount them along with your other medals in the correct order and wear them as a complete rack. Firstly, you are a civvie so you can do what you like! Secondly and more importantly, they are UK medals awarded and medals are not just a military thing, emergency services wear them and military personnel wear (certain) foreign medals if they have transferred to the British Army.
  7. You can mount them with your military medals.

    They are YOUR medals and tell the story of YOUR life.

    If you left and joined the TA and earned medals they would be added to your regular military ones. Like wise the ACF (which also has medals) or Police or Fire Brigade.

    If you are issued an MBE for civvie type stuff again it can be added to your military rack. If you won the GC during your civvie life then again it would be added to your existing medals in the correct sequence.

    As long as the Queen (not the military) says you can wear them, you can. Military rules don't count becasue you are no longer military.

    Why on earth would you wear them on the left or seperate?
  8. Ooh goody. I might be getting a couple more soon.

    Mutley mode on....


    Mutely mode off...
  9. Which medals were they?
  10. That's what I've read and seen - If they are issued to you (e.g. jubilee medal, Iraq reconstruction medal) then you shoule be able to bang them on. There are websites that will point out medals and the criteria for wearing them. I guess the key is that if there is a criteria (a real one) then the Queen has allowed her permission for them to be worn.
  11. You've answered your own question in the thread title. You earned them, so if you want to, wear them.

    Personally I wouldn't bother, but each to their own.
  12. I am in a similar position and have earned 3 medals since leaving all as a result of working overseas for a contractor on ops.

    I am guessing that like me you are in possession of the standard letter from the medal office on receipt of the medal. This is exactly the same medal awarded to uniformed personnel who serve in the same theatres and again I am guessing that like me you were carrying an MoD Contractors ID card at the time.

    This has been covered before here and you are entitled to wear them alongside those earned when you were wearing uniform.
  13. You might find that there is the odd medal (Iraq reconstruction) that forces personal might not get, plus a few rare UN ones depending on if UK are there with NATO and you're there with the UN.
  14. I too have earned a couple of awards from furriners - but they're only ribbons (medals were never issued). If I wanted to wear them with my GSM and Nato bling where and how would I do it?
  15. All awards must go in order earnt - apart from the usual gallantry, Jubilee, LS&GC etc. So could go UN, GSM, NATO, UN. If you earnt them in that order.