Wearing of Medal Ribbon Bar

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wg100, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. I am due my Op Herrick medal having just completed a tour. Not banking on seeing it any time soon, however have some parades coming up in the near future. Do I get hold of a Ribbon bar to put on my N.o 2s without the medal, or do I wait a couple of years till the medal arrives?
  2. So long as you have qualified for a medal you can wear the ribbon. For a parade where medals are worn you can wear the full ribbon (i.e. if the ribbon was court mounted with all your others). It can look a bit odd to see a row of medals with full length ribbon in the middle, but if you've earned it why not?
  3. I don't disagree with the last post, however beware of unit policy, in my old unit they forbadethe wearing of ribbons till the medal was issued, this was becuase if you did a parade wearing only a ribbon, everyone who had ANY medals couldn't wear theres due to uniformity, in other words everyone or no-one. This was a real pain as we did a NI tour just before my unit disbanded and we had a big parade in Blues, all the guys who had only done that tour had to parade bare chested, whilst us sweats lorded it :twisted:

    A funny side to that is an order went out that soldiers medals had to be checked for names as some bright sparks borrowed medals for the tour, as there was a Sgt barechested on the parade he made it his misson to route these guys out. He then saw a mate of mine wearing a medal and stormed over shouting "Well I know for a fact you weren't in the army for the last NI tour, so why are you wearing that medal ?"

    "Take a close look Sarn't" came the reply

    War Dodging Senior Rank then slopes off with tail between legs when he reads "N Iraq/S Turkey" on the clasp
  4. It was common during WW1 to present the ribbon to troops long before the tin was issued due to problems not too dissimilar with latest issues fiasco - at least they got some recognition!
  5. Had a SNCO in our Regt did 22 Years, and no medals albeit the QGJM,How the FCUK did he body swerve the last 22!!!!!
    Am proud of my three....going for a fourth... :wink:

    PS-Well done wg100, on your safe return..well done mate.... :D
  6. Don't suppose you watched The Queens Cavalry on BBC ?

    On one episode the HCR did a parade and a HCR Senior/Warrant was spouting about the parade and his role and how he was retiring blah blah, he then said that they were more than ceremonial; and how they deploy in combat etc, had no issues with him big timing his regiment , its only to be expected, however I did notice for his 22 he managed a QGJM and LS&GC

    I also remember on my first tour one of the Multiple Commanders being a WO2 on his first tour and on my last a SSgt also a multiple commander on his first as well. Not sure how the first guy got away with it but the second guy spent almost his whole career "in the mess" either as Officers Mess barman or Sgts Mess full screw or Brigs Batman, turned up at ours as a Sgt who last went on ex in basic (or there abouts)
  7. Good point however in those days they wore ribbons on BD's not like today
  8. You know it raises eyebrows, when you have a Regimental Photo, and the JNCO's have more medals than certain SNCO's.... :wink:
    Our current Razzman, got the MBE for selling Jernas,(Export & Sales Team)ESTRA.. overseas,WTF is all that about.....