Wearing of IPods when on duty.

Weluvtheraf said:
supercynical said:
I wear mine at work - mainly to drown out the *-spouting oxygen thieves that make up the RAF (Regiment) that happen to drift past me from time to time. I see it as a cost and time saving measure because if I didn't wear it I would have caused actual bodily harm to those wa**ers who make my p*ss boil, spouting utter w*nk within my earshot, and therefore beginning the long and protracted discipline cycle the Army has in place. Do I walk round with it on? No, as that would make me a bell-end. Do I use it at my desk to drown out the distractions? - of course. Does it make me look like a c*nt? yeah, probably. Do I care? - do I f*ck!
the force is strong in you young padwan. I wouldnt worry about the robust discipline cycle. youd get a medal for showing those scumbags exactly who they were - gay crabfat wasters.
.... (cue dramatic classical music as I bask in my own glory for a few moments)

the iPod helps but I sometimes wish I could wear a blindfold so I didn't have to see the bell-ends! :wink:
APSED said:
What is everyones view about wearing ipods/etc when on squaded runs/TABS. If they stop boredom and allow guys to enjoy PT a bit, isn't it good. As long as they are quiet enough/in one ear so they can hear what is going on around them.
Professionalism is doing your job correctly, does it matter if you are listenly to music while doing it? It's not like your stood outside Buckingham Palace.

If you are running on a road, you need your wits about you. Squadded or not. Besides, you then lose the Squad Banter.
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