Wearing of IPods when on duty.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Von_Paulus, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. I was recently on board a Royal Navy type 42 on the way down to Gibraltar from Pompey. As I took a visit to the bridge wings (to **cough** reset my gyros) I was appalled to see several matelots going about their duties (cleaning miniguns in this instance) wearing IPod headphones in thier ears.

    Is this sort of behavior now common place in the rest of the services?

    I would have thought that any CSM/TSM worth his salt would have "launched" any tom he saw doing this?

    Is this just the sad state our forces have been reduced to? I have to admit that it looked terribly unprofessional, but maybe that's the RN for you???
  2. I would have thought that was a H&S issue.... not being aware of what was going on around you!

    But maybe after the Iranian incident, IPods are now issued to all matelots! :D

  3. One starnge thing I noted was they were all wearing a single earpiece. The second was hanging loose (another hazard?)

    Upon returning to the wardroom, and commenting on what I had seen, I was informed that this was sanctioned by the CoC.

    Someone at the top of the Navy thinks that looking like a "civvie piece of sh*t" is an accaptable look.
  4. I'm a fan.
  5. Surely they only had one in so that they could still hear what was going on around them?

    I do it at work all the time.

    But i do agree with your professionalism point.
  6. perhaps "Civvie POS" was a tad strong language, but yes, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL was the general feeling I got looking at them.

    The comedy moment came later that evening, whilst in the communications room where I saw two comms rating (presumambely on watch as well) "sharing" an earpiece each from the same IPod!

    Maybe it's just me!!
  7. I dont see the problem wearing an Ipod when cleaning yer weapon, depends on the operational situation i spose, It would have been a personal cassete player in my day !!. Wearing an Ipod on public duties like Edinburgh Castle would be un-professional dont you think ? lol :twisted:
  8. Yes. I clean my rifle in my room and watch neighbours or equivilent drivel. I also put my stereo on while doing the ablutions :omfg:


    Why does look unproffesional in the middle of the gibratlan sea where no fecker can see them?
  9. This was not in their room it was on the bridge wing.

    I guess the Army equivalent (from my point of view) would be listening to an IPod whilst in the Gun Park / Vehicle sheds doing vehicle maintenance / inspections etc.

    As I say, it may just look wrong to me. They were in uniform, and I do not think that uniform includes IPods.
  10. Even your Army equivilent sounds OK to me TBH. So long as you'er taking the Pi$$ walking around camp with it in your ear.
  11. I listen to music whilst repairing weapons and the VMs up the top end do the same when fixing vehicles, what is the sodding problem as long as they are not cutting about wearing them.
  12. What is wrong with that? If somebody is working away on a wagon, out of site then I don't see the problem. I knew people who would listen to MP3 players if they were doing monotamous jobs like stores, books etc. I'd even take mine on exercise. Somebody would be a cock if they were marching around camp with it on, agreed, but not when hiding away in the hangers.
  13. Maybe somebody at the top of the Navy has a better understanding of the word retention.

    *edit* In fact, I also remember people listening to walkmans during day hours on the first Op Agricloa - some of the drivers would use them to help stay awake, too.
  14. I bet you're not even a real lobster.
  15. I listened to the radio at work today in my office,how bad does that make me.Only just heard the phone ring above the din of Radio 2.