Wearing Of Head dress

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Fones_4_Me, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Can some one help me out on a dis-agreement I have with another senior rank? I believe that it is not compulsary to wear head dress when moving to and from the Unit Cookhouse during lunchtime. Am i correct?
  2. As I understand it, headdress need not be worn when going to breakfast, but at other times it should. This, of course, depends on Regimental Custom/CO/RSM.
  3. oh yes and you should merrily beat time with your mug and kfs too. Correct, are you fairycakes! put that RHD on...
  4. Cuddles... you saying this from extensive knowledge of all aspects of military life or you just saying it because thats what you believe?
  5. I used to see juniors going to the cookhouse without headress at meal times but I believe it could well have been just brekky

    and it was a fekking long time ago , some of them probably outrank me now !
  6. Nope...it is gospel...i.e. in QRs. L ocal discretion is not actually applicable to QRs despite what some badgemen think.
  7. The argument stems from the recruit training practice of marching the blokes to meals. The recruits would be bare-headed, indicating that they were going to scoff and should not, therefore, be spammed for other duties. Headdress, not worn in the canteen, could be left in the billet and so didn't need to be stuffed in pockets, gathering fluff. The NCO marching them would have his hat on, giving him the ability to salute while the troops would give an eyes left/right.

    Trouble is, it then gets ingrained (incorrectly) in the blokes that going to meals automatically means no headdress.

    So, to sum up, headdress should be worn when going to meals unless when being marched as a bare-headed body, the NCO in charge retaining his in order to pay compliments.
  8. Only the Royal Engineers - Were granted the right back in nineteen clickety two

    thats a fact

    but dont ask me to elaborate on it cos i dont know - but i know its right
  9. Just a thought but you could try asking the RSM. After all, it's him who will be shouting at you when you get it wrong.
  10. I heard it was a cav thing......so an officer canny ask you to hold his hourse over lunch time!
  11. I heard it was a cav thing......so an officer canny ask you to hold his hourse over lunch time!
  12. But if it was a cavalry practise who would hold the junior rank's horse?

    Is it not canny Officer? My mistake, they are rarely canny in the cavalry...
  13. Iv'e always had to wear my hat when out doors even going to the cookhouse regardless of what mealtime it was.
    Mind you if you left your hat on the table and went for seconds or something you would find the inside covered in everyones elses leftovers.Many a time I have had to walk back to the troop with bean sauce and custard dripping down the side of my grid
  14. Fcuk me. If someone fcuks with your beret in our mob you have the right to mill the cnut through the table.

    Puttees is right as far as i knew. Its to stop people getting d1cked. The safety wasnt just in not having headress but in that the senior NCO marching you will also deflect spammings!
  15. As an ex-Cav bloke, I can tell you that we would saunter down to breakfast with no berets on, we would always ditch berets in the block on the way to lunch and evening meal was a bit of a free-for-all in mixed dress. Mealtimes in the Cav are always a bit of a relaxed time and I quite often strolled to scoff with my SSM in lightweights, tee-shirt and hands in my pockets ! But, there again, its a Cav thing !............and as an after-thought, I do seem to remember that the Blues & Royals would salute their Ruperts even when not wearing any form of head-gear !