Wearing of GSM at ceremonial occasions

Discussion in 'Medals' started by brubaker19, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. I was awarded a GSM for service in Northern Ireland which is also where I come from. I was also just elected as a Councillor was just wondering about the form for wearing it. Noted that some councillors last year wore medals at the service of remembrance which I attended myself - that is an easy one. We wear full robes on very formal / ceremonial occasions and one of these is coming up. Clearly don't want to look a tit. So SOPs on wearing medals other than Rem Sunday?

    Cheers PJ
  2. HHH

    HHH LE

    Does your council not have a ruling on this, I know some councils just wear the medals on their robes at Remembrance Sunday and any official event involving the Armed Forces e.g. Freedom Of Town/City Parades etc.
    At any other offical event they do not wear medals.
  3. Ask the Clerk to the Council s/he will know what the tradition/custom/habit is for your Council. That said if you wish to wear your GSM with your robes it would be a very petty mayor/chairman who had a go at you for it.
  4. Once in camp in Windsor the mayor came for something or other, he had the GSM (NI) on, looked good and saw him in a different light. I go for it if possible.
  5. Your now a civvie, as such you can wear it whenever and wherever you like.
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  6. We can safely conclude that we don't yet live in a perfect Platonic democracy when our elected representatives ask for protocol advice on an internet site full of cadets, cadet abusers, civvie mongs and (a few) half-cut ex-squaddies...
  7. Thanks guys I will ask the head of member services as to what the protocol is - your thoughts are very much appreciated.