Wearing of foreign medals

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lord_Wentworth, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. I have just finished up a tour with a foreign army. For my hardwork I am to be awarded two medals. 1st will be their equivalent of the General Service Medal, with the clasp for the Theatre I have served in, and 2nd will be their Tour medal. My questions are;

    1. Will I be allowed to wear them both, just 1, or neither of them!?
    2. Is there a formal process for applying to wear foreign medals, and where do I get the form!

  2. I believe it all depends on the country that issued the medals and the agreement that the Government has reached with them. I could wear the Brunei GSM awarded after a Loan Service tour, but chose not to as I did nothing to justify a medal, but am not allowed to wear Kuwait and Saudi medals issued after the Gulf. You'll need to check it out in AGAIs I think.
  3. Can you wear the Kuwait and Saudi medals if your now a civvie ie on your right breast for rememberance day
  4. AGAI Vol 2 Chap 68:

    'Service personnel may only wear, on uniform or civilian clothes, Medals that have been awarded to them or approved for them to wear by HM The Queen. Crown servants in uniform may not wear any Medal or Decoration whose wear has not been authorised by HM The Queen. This includes foreign Medals and Decorations and unofficial Medals that are sold by medal dealers and manufacturers.'
  5. To be honest I dont wear my medals at all anyway, but I think if I earned them I should be entitled to were them even more so now that I am a civilian.
  6. This does not apply to those who are no longer serving. Wearing medals on the right breast is usual for next-of-kin; those veterans who have been awarded french commemoratives for D-Day tend to put them below their official medals.
  7. I suppose I could but I don't. There's enough metalwork jangling about without adding to the weight. Seriously though my mates know what I did, I know wht they did and the family are just proud and happy I'm still here so just wearing what the Queen gave me rekindles the old pride in my unit and our esprit de corps as a gang of old farts meeting up to sink a ew ales once or twice a year could not be better (long may it last). My view is it was nice of Johnny Foreigner to show his appreciation and i know where they are in the drawer if I want to get them out. If QRs or AGAIs apply to those stil serving I'll go along with them too. Boring old git aren't I. Regards.
  8. Barbs is correct.I have a couple of these 'foreign' medals-one for Gallantry and one for 30 days Active Service-and I received a standard letter from The Queen's Private Secretary,allowing me to wear these on my uniform.However they took precedence after any UK sourced medals that I wore.Lost the lot,in ahouse move years ago!
  9. Could someone enlighten me about the following:

    If a MOD civilian does an operational tour (as is happening a bit nowadays) and earns the medal, is he entitled to wear the medal on his uniform if he is also a reservist?
  10. Yes.
  11. Yes again.
  12. Many thanks
  13. Well Wentworth I know a thing or two about this. Used to work for one of the chaps who had seen service with the Australians in Vietnam. He wore his Australian medals with a great deal of pride. But damn it, that meant he had more medals than me! Anyway the medals issued to the Australians were given on behalf of the Queen of Australia and guess who that is! So if you are with a commonwealth force you should have no problem, what!

    Damn medal collectors...

  14. Lord Wentworth - speak to your RAO they should be able to get hold ogf the forms for you to fill in. It may take a while to get clearance though so be careful not to stick them up until you get clearance. My boss from a few years ago did just that and got hauled over the coals by the District Commander on a visit. YHBW.
  15. If you're a civvy you can do what you feckin well like!!

    What they gonna do for fecks sake?

    Personally i've never worn any of mine, foriegn or crown 'approved' and never will.

    Just glad to no longer be a political pawn for Thatcher, Blair, or whoever the hell else happens to be giving it to you sideways.

    Queen & country forget it, it's only about the mates you serve with, arguments about the pieces of tin you wear are irrelevant...........