Wearing of commando berets and insignia.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by royal98-03, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Being an ex Royal Marine I always wore the green beret and commando on my 95's. I am planning on joining the TA as a CMT (not a role available within the RMR). However not within a unit attached to 3 cdo bde. Will I still be able to wear the green beret and or cdo daggers on my uniform or is this only allowed by persons serving in commando units within the TA???
  2. Your beret is specific to role and unit but your dagger is a qualification that you are entitled to wear whatever your cap badge. The same as wings. If you're not serving in a Commando Unit then no green lid I'm afraid unless you're merely serving as an attached arm.
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  3. ........................................Yes.........get a nice dark blue beret on yer bonce. Its called a Hat!
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  4. You can wear the black and red dagger, 'Army Commando' shoulder titles and a blue hat alongside the RAMC TRF and Bde flash if applicable.
  5. Interesting, 'cause in the RN if you passed the Cdo tests then you can wear the beret regardless of what else you've done, it's seen as alongside the dagger as qualification based. Amusing how we all have different rules.
  6. Yes, it's almost like we're two different services.

    Mental, isn't it? :)
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  7. In the Army the colour of your beret shows either your regiment or your brigade, not qualifications, i.e. Para Reg wear maroon everywhere because it's a regimental thing, but a para trained signaller outside of 16AA Bde will revert to blue. RN clearly have more attachment to quals!
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  8. Just wear it anyway, you earned it.
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  9. Thanks, all useful info! So pre All arms soldiers in say 29 still wear the green lid even though they've not done the All Arms?
  10. I don't know, actually! I don't think so, although someone in 3 Cdo will know.

    From my experience (R Signals) AAC trained guys don't wear the green lid outside of 3 Cdo Bde, but non-para types do wear the maroon lid in 16 Bde.
  11. I think its also more of a regimental thing, as para and commando trained blokes in my regt (HCR) are allowed to wear maroon/green berets, even if they aren't a part of D Sqn. Although oddly enough, you can only wear the coloured beret whilst in combats, and when wearing coveralls it mst be blue. And there is no wearing of coloured berets (just caps) in 2 dress, as other arms and services are so want to do.
  12. Fair one, you've done the course, you deserve it.
  13. No. They have to pass AACC before receiving/wearing of green beret.
  14. thanks for the info especially twothreeup... very enlightening!! (a beret is a hat who'd have thought it)
    next stupid question what is a TRF?
  15. I am sure your CO will look favourably on you wearing your Green Beret and Dagger

    In our unit we have several chaps with sandy coloured berets that have been actively (by our CO) encouraged to wear them so I for one would say if you have done the time, passed the course, nobody should take that away from you and you should be allowed to proudly wear your beret.


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