Wearing No1 Dress

A question on the ettiquette (if there is any) of wearing Blues to a wedding.

Myself and the Best Man are wearing blues to my wedding but we're not too sure on a couple of finer points.

Do we take/wear our No1 hats?

After the wedding at midday, can we wear the uniform through to the evening function, or does it have to come off by 19:00 etc ?

Apologies if these might seem numpty questions but I reckoned if ARRSE can't help then We'll make it up as we go along :)

Cheers :D
I wore my blues all day complete with twat hat,my ushers were in 2 dress and got changed for the night do though


Fallschirmjager said:
Do whatever you want to do! The RSM won't be there (or will he?) I wore my beret at my wedding and wore my blues all night.
Same here. Your day, ignore conventions. Besides, chicks love blokes in uniform and Muttley medal collections, so your mates should do ok!

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