Wearing medals in civvies

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by ex_mudmechanic, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Tin hat on for this one I think...

    I'm possibly attending my nephew's passing out parade later this month. I'm no longer serving (not in the army anyway). I intend to dress smartly out of respect for those passing off. Question is, is it appropriate to wear medals with my suit like we do on Remembrance Day? Or will I just look like a massive twat?

    Thanks in advance for the abuse, bit it's a genuine question :)
  2. Wear a decent suit
    Don't act like a ****
    Wear your medals - you've earnt them.

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  3. I can probably cover off points one and three...
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  4. Personally, I wouldn't wear medals as it is his day.
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  5. Previous threads on here have shown that the official dress code for those guests still serving is 2s neg medals, though on the day many seem to ignore that either partly or completely. From this I would hazard a guess that the official line would be that guests should not wear medals (so as not to detract from the main focus of the occasion, the young lads (though some would suggest its so as not to show up the staff)) but that this is likely to be ignored.

    My opinion, fwiw, they're yours to do with as you want, others are likely to be wearing medals, and it's a photo-opportunity that may not be repeated. Wear them.
  6. While I was posted to an ATR we encouraged those who had serving or ex serving family to have them attend wearing medals if they wished. It never seemed to detract from those passing out, rather it added to it. certainly no worse than staff wearing medals.

    edited to add, all this was in the invites sent out for the pass off.
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  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Stick your highly-polished medals in your pocket. Then if you find you look like the only twaaat not wearing medals on his civvies, slap them on. But bear in mind that NAAFI are no longer allowed to sell Brasso, etc (as I learned to my cost last Old Comrades weekend), so do clean them before you go. Saves badgering the guard commander to borrow whatever the prisoners use to shine whatever they need to shine as punishment. (Though it did get me out of a hole for not cleaning me medals - okay medal: Cold War warrior me like, the UN medal doesn't respond well to Brasso - before I left home.
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  8. Use a rubber/eraser to take off any paw prints.

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  9. Re the gongs embarrassing the DS. In the Revolving door tours of Iraq and Afghanistan I would find this highly unlikely. As long as they are official medals I would wear them - gives the boys/girls a "Like Father Like Son" sense of continuity. If they are "medals" that are sold in the Sunday supplements at the back then don't wear them. If you're the only one wearing them you can always slide them into your pocket.
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  10. Thanks for all the replies. I was originally veering towards Daxx's answer but I'll probably go with keeping them in my pocket and seeing what everyone else does.

    Although everyone will probably do that, see no one else wearing theirs and keep them in their pockets!

    Next question then... Anyone know a decent place in central London to get them mounted? Need to add the latest chocolate Jubilee trinket.
  11. Wear an SAS beret too just for good measure
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  12. i tried to get a set of minatures off the interweb, awardmedals I think

    Their website and repeated customer service gaffs utterly broke me and I just cancelled it all and asked for my money back

    Medal mounters all seem to arrive in the internet retail age with Uncle Albert advising on website layout and process

    Infuriatingly backward bunch of feckers
  13. People wearing medals is embarrassing.
  14. Don't forget the Corps tie, or you'll just look like every other sad Dad or Uncle in their best M&S crimplene flek suit.

    You don't need bling, they'll clock the tie and give you the nod, unless it's a ACC tie and the nod will be to f*uck off out the gate :)
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  15. Corps tie?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!