Wearing Foreign Medals

Wear whatever you want. Some years I wear a 19th century bicorne, other years a pickelhaube, when in undress, I wear a straw boater with upturned brim. I only have three pucka medals, so I supplement with 25 or so from here

I am particularly proud of my "Bevin's Boys and Bar".
Being a medical type, and having spent a short time with the NHS, I will also be adding a George Cross to my rack, available on Amazon.
I generally wear them pinned to my Flanaganesque fur coat, made from discarded Coldstream Guards Busbys.
Coldstream Guards (and any Guards unit) do NOT wear a Busby, they wear a Bearskin.


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Coldstream Guards (and any Guards unit) do NOT wear a Busby, they wear a Bearskin.
Does anyone know if you are allowed to wear Foreign Medals on Remembrance Sunday?

I served in the British Army and FFL, where I received medals from both countries.

Question is can I wear my French medals at a Remembrance Sunday Service?
Have looked around on the internet but buggered if I can get a straight answer.
Your earned them mon brave, you have a right to wear them. I remember an Irishman in 2 Para in 1963 who had served with the UN in The Congo when in the Irish Army. He wore his.
Some years back I believe there was a Grenadier Guards bandsman who (legitimately) wore the iron cross.

If you've earned it then you wear it.


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I was awarded the freedom of Paderborn in July 82. It's in my underwear drawer next to Drunk and Disorderly (but not attached) never been worn since it was attached to my combat jacket by a Boxhead General at the freedom of Panzeraufklärungsabteilung 7 at Sennelager, last time I commanded an armoured vehicle (Samaritan) on the parade. Only 12 of us were awarded.


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I had a polish pilot friend (we were both retired when we met), at one end he had the AFC DFC and DFM. At the other end the VM and KC (The polish VC and MC equivalent) and a few between including GSM1962 with NI bar!


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I attended a cammorone day festival in London one year when i was writing it up for a mag. All the lads wore their medals but no gsm etc amongst them . nice green blazers as well.
It was a little bit funny hearing two pisseded up brummies trying to talk the french with their accents.

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