Wearing Forces Charity Wrist Bands in Uniform

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chimp, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys what about Forces charity wrist bands? In Cyprus a decision will be made by our RAF 1 star in Cyprus as to whether we can wear them. the guys in Afgan do, Army 4 stars do, Roylty does what's the score eh? I'm certainly for them (and I'm a monkey!). :evil:
  2. Im serving in WSBA and our unit has been allowed to wear them!!
  3. Pritty much every one was wearing one on Op Telic 11 and no had a problem with it then
  4. Been done on here before. Some very mixed views.
  5. Personally, I think its jewelry and has no place in uniform. I'm all for the good causes but if you allow one you have to allow them all. Where does it stop? We'll end up with 20 bands on each wrist. I do have a H4H band and wear it in civvies. If we don't allow bracelets made of gold/silver in uniform why should we allow ones made of rubber?
  6. It was done to death a while ago. General concensus was most squaddies who wear them are chavs, civvies who wear them do so as a fashion accessory and the 4 star is a cnut.
  7. Try the search function :roll:

  8. Anyone who logs into Armynet will see that this is their most recent poll subject, with a rather surprising amount of people voting in favour of wearing them.
  9. ...and yet in an ongoing survey which asked the following question, 66% of the 2312 x Armynet users who have responded so far voted 'yes':

    Should service personnel be allowed to wear a forces-charity wristband whilst in uniform?

    Go figure.

    Whoops, I see skintboymike has beaten me to it. :)
  10. wear mine without any dramas
  11. Generally, on the wrist.


  14. As a cadet and therefore a "young person" someone mentioned in one of the earlier posts I am in favour of all forces wristbands and believe that they should be worn in uniform.

    However, uniform means "the same", therefore the wrist band must be the same for everyone. We wear poppies around armistice day no problem, so while lots of people are wearing the same wrist band, its not a problem, but lots of different wristbands looks unprofessional.