Wearing Family medals while in uniform - whats the score?

I know that its permissible to wear say, your fathers' medals, as long as they're worn on the right breast. I've recently seen a picture of a bloke in N. 1 Dress with his set plus another on his left breast - looked odd, so I thought I'd ask here.

Is this OK?


I take it you mean another on his right breast? Wearing a relatives medals in uniform is a strict no no. However, it may be one of his as "medals issued by life-saving societies and institutions ... must be worn on the right breast" (JSP 761)
Reading further into JSP761 I came across another reference which states "only the Life Saving Medal of the Order of St John, The Royal Humane Society medals, Stanhope Gold Medal and the medal of The Royal National Lifeboat Institution may be worn on the right side of the chest."
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