Wearing Combats when running ?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by conory, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. This might be a bone question but, is there anything wrong with wearing combat 95's while going for a run ?
  2. Why would you?
  3. Are you on day release or have you escaped?
  4. I'd say no, on the grounds that I do, albeit with the other soldiers I work with during PT.

    In your case, I'd say no, because it gives people like me something to point and laugh at whilst I'm out and about.
  5. if you female then dont - bad arse's in combats.
  6. Your a cadet and want to do a bit a walting around your estate?
  7. I thought it would be walty.
  8. It is, especially when shorts are much better for it.

    That is, of course, unless you were going to be wearing a bergen and a Coy/ Sqn sweatshirt too? If that is the case go for it, you'll look ubercool, all the girls will want you then!
  9. No he wont, because he is a cadet and will look an uber tit
  10. And my beret. :lol:
  11. He could run past my house in his pants if he likes!
  12. Damn you, drain_sniffer! You could've at least played along for a little while, you know? :wink:
  13. Unless you're actually serving and doing PT in a squad or humping your arrse over Brecon on selection then it's wrong in so many ways. You just want to impress the pubeless chicks on your council estate don't you?
  14. blob how would he keep in step with you watching lol
  15. Don't bother putting your kit on then. Get yourself down to the local off licence and buy yourself 20 lambert & butler,and a couple of tins of white lightening "kids will do anything for dairylea"- you get the idea.