Wearing Bling at Wootton Bassett

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldcodger, May 7, 2009.

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  1. On another Forum a poster has related how he and other Veterans turned up at Wootton Bassett on Monday last proudly wearing all sorts of Bling Medals. He told how they were doing this in open defiance of and anger with, Mod Officials and a Mr Coney over the treatment of our poor Medal-less Veterans. It would seem that they were using the sad occasion as a means of protest about their own lack of Medals, remembering the fallen was just a by product. It is disgusting and insulting that these so called Veterans would wear Bling at such a solemn occasion. How dare they tarnish the remembrance of the likes of L/Sgt Tobie Fasfous 1st Battalion Welsh Guards by using this simple and moving ceremony to show off Bling Medals they have neither earned nor deserve. It is obvious that they only go to Wootton Basset to claim comradeship with the fallen by deceit and to look good in front of the Media. Decent Veterans and serving Soldiers should ostracise all Bling Wearers the next time they appear at Wootton Bassett.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Get over it.

  3. I did see quite a few wearing them but didn't hear anything about it being a protest. I'm sure they wouldn't have done that would they? The majority of people who turned up wearing medals were the WG Assn chaps.
  4. I'm with oldcodger on this! What we need to do is all get together and kick the living shit out of these old bastards, that'll stop them wearing this bling junk.

    Or else we could just let them get on with it. Really, who does it hurt? Just view the bling as a commerative souvenir instead of a medal and it doesn't seem so bad.

    I went to Normandy once on a battlefield tour and put a coin in a machine... after a few minutes of grinding and whirring, out popped a shiny medal thing, I think it had Pegasus Bridge on it. Now, while I would never wear such a thing (on account of not being alive during the whole debacle), I wouldn't begrudge it to some old geezer if he wanted to stick it on his jacket to show people that he was there.

    Now, where have I put the diamorphine? This is a tired debate and you need to go to sleep.
  5. Not entirely sure what is meant by: 'Bling'.

    M'Lord, 'bling' is essentially colourful, inexpensive, poorly designed, meaningless, slightly 'cheap', jewellery in poor taste, that is mostly exhibited by footballers and 'pop-stars'. Occasionally by 'naughty' former soldiers.

    I see. Does Mr. Giggs display 'bling'? Does Mrs Beckham?

    Oh no Sir! Mr. Giggs is a gentleman - if not by birth, then by behaviour. Mrs. Beckham is very pretty M'Lord.

    I am aware of that - I am not of another world you know. She is indeed exceptionally pulchritudinous.

    I am not surprised about Mr. Giggs - honoured by Her Majesty y'know- , he plays most excellent soccer y'know - not sure of his club,- is it Swansea Town? - but he is Welsh you know?

    Yes, M'Lord!
  6. Is it OK if I go wearing my veterans badge?
  7. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Ive never been to WB but I feel that the dress code should be "less is more" I would only wear a regimental tie (but you can bet that my shoes would be sparkling and creases in my trousers)
  8. As an ex-Serviceman who just so happens to also collect medals, I have no desire to wear any of these 'commemorative' gongs let alone have them in my collection. However, if some old boy who was there at Dunkirk or D-Day wants to wear such a medal under his own WWII medals, I have no objection whatsoever.

    What I do object to is people wearing ones like the General Service Cross or some BOAR thing etc and making up a rack of them. They are tacky, cheap and serve no proper purpose whatsoever, except maybe make the wearer feel good as their Forces veteran badge clearly isn't quite enough for them.

    If I see people wearing such bling, I do not say anything, who I am to judge them, I just snigger quietly and think what a Barclays Banker they look by wearing such trash.

    The ones we really ought to be outing are the Walts.

    Black Buck One - Out
  9. My bold....

    How haven't they earned the "bling" medals? I take it you would have been first in line to volunteer to be part of the Nuclear trials?

    These are medals which represent service which is not recognised by the government. It doesn't neccesarily follow that they shouldn't be worn.

    As for the "deceit" bit... I would imagine, that though green with envy, the old boys will turn up to many a servicemans last visit to Brize. And I doubt any of the them would have such thoughts in their mind. I feel you do the old boys a grave disservice with such a comment.

    The lads of the "Cold War" are the odd ones out. The boys of WW2 and WW1 would parade with all manner of tin clanging. Some of which would only represent similar acts as the "bling".

    1990 saw the British Forces go turbo, with young toms walking around with more medals than a past 22 year RSM and his QM combined.

    That said, let's look at the medals that WEREN'T awarded.....

    Arctic Emblem? After all I bet those that served a winter tour of Bosnia wouldn never believe the neck of those Seaman who wanted recognition for swaning around in the Arctic waters.

    Bevin Boys badge... I mean imagine the neck of a bunch of conscripted miners who, at the stroke of a pen, were sent down the mines to keep British Coal flowing to smelt iron, that made tanks and warships for Britain.... I bet it was a right swan down there, so why bother recognising such work?

    I have two medals on my chest for "operations" where I spent most of my time by the pool or drinking..... But that's ok because they are not "bling".
  10. I'm with blackbuck on this, also those in the know about these things will know, those who don't only see people paying their respects, the fact that they wear medals with little or no meaning doesn't matter to the casual observer or to the rest of the residents of Wootton Basset. However anyone who wishes to make a political statement during these occasions should be discouraged
  11. Can't say I saw any protest,just people paying their respects. At least they were there.
  12. I was at Wootton Bassett for the repatriation and yes, there was a fair amount of unofficial medals on display, as there usually is. Whilst I wasn't weaing any, there was nothing at all about wearing those sort of medals that was eiter disgusting or insulting and I would suggest that it is you who are being disrespectful because of your own prejudices.

    Let me ask you... are you going to write to Princes Harry and William and tell them that they don't deserve their Golden Jubilee Medals, because they didn't meet the criteria? They get them automaticlly. What about HRH Prince Edward who didn't get through RM Basic training and has several medals, or even Prince Charles who wears commemorative medals. Let's not forget an active service medal given to HRH Prince William from the US Navy because he was monitoring a drugs siezure whilst on detatchement to the RN. I don't have a problem with it - do you?

    Maybe you should write to the HD Committee and protest about Sir Robin Jatvin, one of its members, who wears the Anniversary of Independence of Antigua and Barbuda Medal, which technically isn't permitted, but it was OK'd for him to wear it whilst the likes of Malaya Veterans are denied the same right to wear their foreign medal.

    Instead of accusing people of disrespect perhaps you should look more closely at what you are saying and if you feel that strongly, I look forward to hearing that you have written to some of the above, to protest at their medals and and to accuse them of disrespect.

    Grow up!

  13. Are these people really doing any harm?
  14. When is Official Unofficial? The HMAFVB is not approved by the Queen, and is therefore classed as Unofficial, though the MoD try to make out it official, its criteria 1 days service.

    When is Unofficial Official? The commemorative QGJM has the approval of Buck palace and a sanctioned portrait of the queen on the front, its criteria is 28 days in service.

    In truth the whole system is a complete shambles, the MoD once agin trying to do things on the cheap and taking a short sighted view. After all the Vets badge was designed for WW2 vets and grew because they had snubbed so many others. This has given rise to the Bling. they could have nipped all this in the bud if they had issued a SINGLE (one) medal like the Australian ADM (approved by our Queen) then Bye Bye Bling.
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