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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jabba, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. does anybody know the regs/rules on wearing beret whilst driving military vehicles? ie can you remove it on long journeys ect, cheers
  2. got to be a waaaahhhhhhhh
  3. Yes you can take it off.....along with your cbt95 shirt, trouser, socks and boots. Naked driving is the way ahead!
  4. I always thought you were supposed to keep it on unless carrying out a reversing manoeuvre, because one's vision is limited on the right due to the 'flap' encroaching on ones peripheral vision.
  5. I was being flipent. No you can't take it off (not even reversing, that's what your front marshaller is for).
  6. Clearly, that doesn't apply in Germany, or when driving LHD vehicles!

  7. Queens Regs clearly states: As soon as the military vehicle has left the main gate ... beret off, light fag and foot down. Remember to sign worksticket when you get back.
  8. read something in jsp ( revised) about removing it while driving, thanks anyway
  9. The only way to get that all over squaddie tan :wink:
  10. got beastied by the CO once for driving a recce landie on the M5 without wearing a mk6 .. didn't say anything about breaking the speed limit though seeing as he over took me :oops:
  11. you are allowed to removed but must be replaced by the Mk 6 worn at an angle so that it covers at least 1 eye
  12. Blobmeister wrote:

    Strangely enough, I was being flippant too, as Happysapper seemed to realise.
  13. 'kin 'ell, how big's your beret?
  14. Maybe that's why the tankies used to have those 'both-sided' berets. :wink: So that they could reverse without a front marshaller 8)
  15. If you are driving any vehicle fitted with military number plates you must be in full uniform ie head dress on at all times.