Wearing Australian Service Medals

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dismas, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. A question gentlemen/Ladies If an Australian soldier transfers to the British army are they entitled to wear their Australian medals in service dress.
  2. Had an OC in RMP years ago who had served in NZ Army in Vietnam and wore his
  3. I thought that until recently Australian and New Zealand forces were awarded British medals anyway so there shouldn't really be a problem.
  4. Yes, just like you could wear yours if you transferred.
  5. Australian Medals were first issued in the mid 1970's (Whitliam era) and previous Imperial Honours were superseded.
  6. yes

    its always good manners to ask your CO though
  7. Australian, New Zealand and Canadian medals are commonwealth awards and are approved for wear by the boss(HMQ) and are listed in the british order of precedance so you wear them after any british awards you have it could lead to you being alowed to wear medals that the mod say you cant like the NATO ISAF medal the aussies have just authoriesed for wear if you earn it as a digger then join the british army you can officially wear a medal the the uk says is a keepsake only Proper headache for RSM's in times to come
  8. It's all in the JSP and DIN - see my response on the Commonwealth Medals thread. PM me if you have any questions. Iknow a little 'cause I've got an Aussie one myself, looks nice at the end of my medal row - better than the NATO one at the start of it!

  9. I'd think so because they're still part of the Commonwealth with the Queen as their head of State. Same would go for Canada too I should imagine.
  10. As long as they are Court Mounted and worn upside down to distinguish them from British ones :D