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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by doghead, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Not a life or death topic but.............

    I served 8 years as RMP and I left last year, I've since got a chushdy job in a Boarding School.

    The School has a CCF, that i'm now a part of and soon to get a fee pip out of it.

    The CCF is capbadged Mercian (WFR) now not that I have anything against the Mercians, an Infantry man I am not!!

    What way would I go about getting permission to wear my red beret??


    and yes I do expect incomming!!
  2. Why would you want to? You're in the CCF, not the Redcaps anymore. Accept the new beret, wear it with pride, and move on.
  3. Try RHQ RMP, Southwick Park Portsmouth, Mil 93835 4206. Sorry don't know the civvy dialling code. Ex Redcap too, good on yer mate!!
  4. In N Ireland in 1976 we had Gunners & Infantry attached to 2 Regt RMP. They wore the Red Beret with their own cap badge, like para attchees I suppose. So wear the red with the Mercians capbadge. Good way to start off conversations in the mess anyway!!
  5. Commandos? The old saying is "Red hat, no drawers".
  6. Granted, in that situation that would be the case. But seeing as he's no longer RMP, and not RMP attached to the Mercians, then he should be wearing a Mercian beret, with a Mercian Cap badge.
  7. With smudge on this one. In my ACF company we have various ex regs and ex ta, the only one who wears is his old beret is widely classed as a walt cnut.

    Wear the same as the Cadets mate.

    Edit because im useless
  8. I know it's academic, but would you wear the lincoln green patch behind the cap badge, or just the cap badge?

    Secondly, I know the Mercian Regt covers a big area now but where abouts are you? Roughly.
  9. I agree that you should wear the same beret as the cadets.

    If you are desperate to wear a red hat then come back and wear it.
  10. I done 7 years in RMP myself and 3 years with Merseyside ACF when I left. We weren't allowed to wear the red beret, we had to dress the same as our cadets(only better!! :D )
  11. Hello chaps,

    The security thing wasn't working yesterday so couldn't get on.

    I'm up near Sheffield at the moment.

    Some good points raised, I think ACF are a little different than CCF. The kids I have have to do it for one year, and I'd like to give them an insight into as much as possible. They do ask questions about RMP etc, and as I attended quite a few CCF camps to help out most of them have seen me in a red lid.

    I just don't like wearing a beret that I haven't erned and know nothing about.

    I have seen ex RMP CCF officers wearing red lids think they were fine, no signs of walting.

    However I have seen a McNabber mincing in a sand beret on a CCF camp!!

    Not trying to make waves, just think it would be good for the kids to see something different.

  12. Whilst some knobbers and throbbers get away with 'what they were' ref head dress due to a breakdown in disciplin in the CoC I think you will find that SSIs wear their former Regimental/Corps insignia (and badges of rank), but then they are employed in a different role to that of CCF officers. I think you will find that unless you were commissioned into RMP and taking up an appointment with the CCF within your area Bde structure, it'll be a change of beret I'm afraid - please don't allow vanity to place you in the group of knobbers and throbbers, cadet forces have enough already and the kids deserve better!
  13. Despite my previous post I actually think the correct thing is for Adults to wear the same beret as their cadets.

    I was RAuxAF Regiment and TA Royal Anglian and RLC and have no connection with the WFR or MERCIAN, but am proud of the forming battalion's achievements and sell them to the cadets to the best of my ability.

    It doesn't stop me bigging up The Rock Apes and R. ANGLIAN (oh all right, and the RLC) when I get the chance :twisted:
  14. Yeah alright Dog, you just want to stand out in the crowd.

    Question: Have you handed your warrant card in or will you have by the time you arrive for your first 'Drill Night"?

    If the answer is yes then you are no longer an MP therefore why do you want to wear the Red Hat. You little Walter :D

    Wear the uniform of the Unit you are serving in and lead by example
  15. If someone transfered to the RMP while you were serving would you expect them to wear their own beret?